The gangs of… New England?

By Mir
February 11, 2005
Category Detritus

Forgot to mention… yesterday’s rain had turned to snow by lunchtime. It started with snowflakes the size of golf balls before tapering down to something a bit less surreal. By the time I walked out of the office, it was a slushy yucky mess outside.

I started my car and got out again to brush off the snow and ice… whereupon I discovered my windshield wipers had both been pulled up to a 90 degree angle to the windshield. Both wipers stabbed skyward, rising up from snow-covered car like twin bayonets.

And beyond my car, extending down the row of parked vehicles… every single hood sported wipers sprung to attention. Was it a sign? Alien intervention? A giant magnet? A gang sign heralding the start of a turf war in the company parking lot? You know what they say… those gang members will pull up your windshield wipers while you’re inside working and then when you come out they’ll… ummmm… laugh at you.


  1. carolyn

    It’s Aliens!!!

  2. Jules

    Maybe there’s viagra in the wiperfluid….special for Valentine’s Day perhaps?

  3. cbw

    When I lived in Fairbanks (Alaska) this was pretty common. I think some good samaritan was trying to save you all the pain of getting your wipers frozen to the windshield. I like your interpretationt too though . . .

  4. chewie

    Yeah…what CBW said…

    That’s what I was thinkin’ too.

    Now if only they had scraped and warmed as well…*grin* Isn’t that one of the benes of the new company?! teehee

  5. Ben

    Maybe the cars really like a certain pair of boots, and are trying to make a statement…

  6. janie

    Yep..ditto on the Good Samaritan thing. I think you were the victim of a random act of kindness!!

  7. La Pixiatrix

    Yup, it was kindness that drove the windshield-wiper-lifter-upper. Definitely.

  8. Amanda B.

    How strange! If I were an alien, I would do weird stuff like that just to mess with the “silly humans” or “hairless monkeys” as I like to call them. Us. Ahem.

  9. Shiz

    Cars. Horny.

    Of course cbw’s interpretation makes the most sense, but why go with that?

  10. Robin

    Okay – I don’t know what to say. That. is. just. weird.

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