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By Mir
February 10, 2005
Category Detritus

According to yesterday’s forecast, we were to have 6 to 8 inches of snow by this morning.

It’s raining.


  1. Nancy

    My daughter did the “spoons under the pillow, PJs inside out, snow boots and gloves under the bed” thing – – alas
    it’s raining and 37 degrees.

  2. Pamalamadingdong

    it’s parcipitation! they’re in the ballpark at least.

  3. Ben

    I just wish I had a job where I could be so wrong more often than not and still have people hanging on my every word…

  4. Em

    Girl, that was yesterday MORNING’S forcast! They knew it wasn’t going to snow practically before it started not snowing. Sheesh! ;-)

  5. T.Marie

    Ah, yes, but then once said weathermen decided the storm had fizzled…voila! Snow…lots of heavy, wet, snow. At least here in the land of Oz anyway. (aka, southern Maine)

  6. Shiz

    Take the rain, sister!

  7. kim

    We got your snow here….trust me, you would rather have the rain!

  8. cursingmama

    Take the rain – imagine the mess snow may have created with your day. They could have cancled school, it can tack hours on to your commute, and then you have to shovel. The only good thing that could come of it would be maybe getting a free vacation day.

  9. RockStar Mommy

    Meteoroligists must be trained by the government.

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