It’s my second-favorite way to wake up

By Mir
February 9, 2005

Him: *pad pad pad* Hi Mama… I heard your alarm… but I think you need a snuggle.
Me: Hmmm? Oh, okay, baby.
Him: *climbing under the covers and folding himself into the space between my knees and my chest* I had a bad dream but I did what you said!
Me: *wrapping my arms around his sleep-warmed body* What’s that?
Him: I told the monster I was just little and he should GO AWAY! And he did!
Me: That’s great, honey!
Him: Yes. Mama? You’re soft.


  1. alektra

    That is SO adorable. Really, you should have a hidden camera to catch all this good stuff. ;)

  2. Ben

    That’s so much better than my four year old this morning. Perhaps yours gives lessons?

  3. beachgal

    Awww….how adorable.

  4. RockStar Mommy

    He’s so sweet. I’m so stealing him from you.

  5. Peek

    Have I mentioned before that I love Monkey?

  6. Jenny

    Ooh, that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    (My two year old just sang Mommy has some poo on her head)

  7. JuJuBee

    Not gonna tell us your first favorite way to wake up ;)

  8. Zuska

    I SO love Monkey!!!!

  9. Kym


  10. Amanda B.

    Oh my gawd. I think my ovaries just exploded.

    The cuteness….the cuteness….

  11. panajane

    What a sweet kiddo.

  12. Shiz

    That is sooo yummy. I just got envious of you and your special morning.

  13. dave

    Awww, CuddleMonkey!

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