Hi ho, hi ho….

By Mir
February 7, 2005
Category Job? Huh?

Everybody play nice while I’m gone today, you hear? And don’t be leaving crumbs on the couch, either. I know when you’ve been snacking in there you know.

So sleepy. Hey, they have coffee at my new job. Huzzah!


  1. Mamacita

    I hope your first day is GREAT!

  2. Jules

    Have a great day hon!

  3. Norti

    I just wanted to say Hi! I like your blog! And good luck on your first day :)

  4. MoMMY

    Have a great first day! I hope it’s all you’ve been hoping for.

  5. Michele

    Happy first day Mir!

  6. alektra


  7. Kristie

    Have a fantabulous first day!!

  8. Busy Mom

    Knock ’em dead!

  9. Em

    Have a great first day!

  10. Amy

    Break a leg! (That’s figurative, not a commentary on the heel-height of your Boots Of Power). Can’t wait to hear about your fantastic first day!

  11. Ben

    Hey, it was not me that spilled the capri sun’s on the couch. Really.

    No, you can’t prove anything…

  12. RockStar Mommy

    Good luck today! Not that you’ll need it, but I’d be a pretty shitty blog friend if I didn’t at least send some your way ;)

  13. Michael

    Coffee is a good thing…

    Unless you’re a weirdo like me who doesn’t drink coffee…

  14. Bob

    Bon Voyage!

  15. Amanda B.

    Have a good day! I’m sure you will-are you feeling very “cloud 9″ish today? :)

  16. Lizzie

    **hiding chocolate kiss wrappers**

    Good luck!

  17. Chewie

    Oh man…I want a pic of the big FIRST day outfit…our little Mir…off to her first big day at the new job. I’m so proud. *grin*

    Can’t you blog a little during lunch or something? come ON, Mir…

    this desperate housewife will miss your updates during the day!

  18. Zuska

    Hey, I’m with Chewie!! We need a “first day of school”-type picture of you, on your stoop, holding a sign or something! Or a shot of you with a briefcase, walking down your driveway (ala Chickadee with her rolling backpack, remember?)!

    Hope it went well…

  19. Karen

    Woohoo! Good luck!

  20. Mirella

    Can’t wait to hear how the first day went!

  21. Shiz


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