Because it was time

By Mir
February 6, 2005
Category Woohoo!

If there was a great big cosmic menu from which one could order up the appropriate experience(s) at any given time, the weekend before returning to full-time employment would be a no-brainer.

There should be food. Lots of food. Good food. Preferably, there should be both wine glasses and chocolate involved.

And good company with which to share it all. Laughter is imperative. Breathlessness is icing.

Sight-seeing is optional but recommended. The accidental scenic route is just more time to spend together in the sunshine, singing along with the CD player.

Yeah. That’s about how it should be. Thank you.


  1. Mamacita

    I agree. Come on over!

  2. Kym

    *smile* *hug* *smile*

    Bittersweet Joy eh?

  3. Robin

    I don’t remember my last weekend before returning to full-time duty, but I do have some memories of the last days leading up to it. I remember sitting with my daughter watching a show on Nick and thinking that we would never do that again. The show came on at noon, and I would be at work. I’m glad you’ve had these last few days to get ready, and very glad you’ve cherished them as you have. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Sarah

    Good luck tomorrow, Mir!

  5. dad

    I think you deserve a weekend like that more than once every 12 years. I”m glad it went well.

    Now, knock’em dead tomorrow.

  6. Jennifer

    I’m with the dad. On all counts.

    Don’t forget your lunch money! Hope your first day is a harbringer of fabulous days to come.

  7. rudolf

    So, was it good for you?

  8. susan

    Have a wonderful first day back at work. I’m happy you got the job you wanted. You must have wished upon a star – or two.

  9. Wash Lady

    I just wanted to wish you great and fabulous things for tomorrow and the rest of your life. You certainly deserve them.
    I’ll be thinking successful, knock ’em dead thoughts for you all day and looking forward to reading all about it when you can share. Now GO GET ‘EM !!!

  10. Amanda B.

    eeeeek. aaaaaah. squeeeee!

    And yes, good luck tommorow! Kick ass girl.

  11. carolyn

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  12. Kimberly

    Have a great day tomorrow, Mir!

  13. dave

    Sounds exactly the way I’d have ordered the weekend too! (I like accidental scenic routes.)

    Hope you find many, many more weekends like that one ahead of you.

  14. Mike

    Now, Mir, you play nice with the other boys and girls today!!! *hugs* to you on day 1….

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