Drinking it in

By Mir
February 4, 2005
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This may come as a huge shock, but I am not exactly a fan of winter. I know I hide it really well, but it’s true. I don’t like to be cold, I don’t like snow, the endless muddy trail of bootprints in the house makes me want to cry. And as much as I hate to go out in it, being trapped in the house is hardly better. One should never have to go too many days without the feel of sunlight on one’s face. (One=me, and anyone else who has a bit of seasonal affective stuff going on.)

February is often my most difficult month. Winter has been dragging on long enough that I am DONE with it, even if it isn’t done with me. Spring is still far off in the distance. I’m tired and restless and searching for something I can’t seem to find.

Every now and then February yields a day just warm enough to break through the sameness of the winter doldrums. The sun shines and the air feels cool but not biting. The scent on the wind carries a faint trace of earth rather than just endless ice and snow.

On those days, I turn my face towards the sun and try to imagine its glare carries more warmth than it does. I try to capture the reprieve and allow it to make spring feel closer… and if I’m very lucky, it will brush the tips of my fingers before it slips away again.

Today I watched the snow melting. As I closed my eyes to the sunlight, I swear I smelled freshly cut grass. At that moment winter receded and happiness was mine.

I’m still waiting for the moment to pass, but so grateful that it hasn’t.


  1. Jenn

    I’m with you, February is the worst month for me. It may be the shortest, but it certainly makes up for it in sheer crappiness.

    We’ve been having days like you described lately, seeing the grass peeping through the snow seems like a little present being unwrapped.

  2. jolene

    Delurking to say…
    Winter! It could be worse!
    Have a laugh on me, I promise this will make you feel better! :)
    I live in ANCHORAGE.ALASKA and it is cold as bloody hell here (7 degrees today and it’s almost tropical!) and we jump for joy when we make it to 5 hours of daylight a day.
    So see? You are lucky your snow is melting, cause baby? That won’t happen here until MAY.
    I love your site by the way, congrats on your job, you shoulda coulda woulda be proud of yerself.

  3. smitha

    I was in blissful heaven picturing the same…even though when I walk out I face the blistering humid weather here in Malaysia :S But yes…I did three winters and I now enjoy the warmth of the sun, even if it’s three degress above the equator. People here run for AC and there I will be, “but this is so nice!”

    I am one of the lurkers who has been reading you a few weeks now… Good luck with your job! :)

  4. Fraulein N

    Winter doesn’t even bother me that much, but you know what’s a nice antidote to the winter blues? Looking through spring catalogs at all the lovely breezy clothing, even if you have no intention on purchasing any.

  5. Mamacita

    Come on over. It was in the high fifties here today, and the sun was shining like July. My crocuses are so confused, they’re trying to come up through the cold mud, and the apple tree is budding. But this is Indiana, so in a few days it will be cold again.

  6. Thumper

    So…I suppose mentioning that where I’m at we’ve been in the high 60s with lots of sunshine would be, like, really mean?

    OK. Then I won’t…

  7. Amanda B.

    I’m glad you had a good day.:)

  8. Leanne

    Thanks to your writing skills, you sucked me right in and made me smell the freshly cut grass, too. Thanks, I needed that!

    Cold sucks!

    (my motto: I would rather sweat than freeze; take layers of clothing OFF, not put them ON; and be barefoot, not in boots!)

  9. ben

    Now I’m confused. Did you see your shadow, or not?

    Happy spring-to-be, Mir. Winter’s end isn’t too far off, now…

  10. Amy

    oh YES! We had a day like that here yesterday – the frozen grayness that is Kansas winter broke for a moment and it got warm enough to be OUTSIDE! I took the kids to the park and ran their little tails off for two hours. Of course, it won’t last – by tuesday the weather report is calling for something called a “wintry mix” and you know that can’t be good. ‘Specially since Tuesday is my DUE DATE! Fun for me.
    Next year I say we set up shop in Punxatawney and shoot that little bugger if he even LOOKS in the direction of his hole…
    Here’s hoping for an early spring in your neck of the woods!

  11. Marcia

    This is why you must come back to the Bay Area (N. Calif)!

  12. Philip

    Does it make you feel better to know that there are people enjoying warm weather right now, kicking back in shorts and t-shirt under a balmy sun – or does that just piss you off? Wait, I think I know the answer to that. Never mind. (And it’s just a hypothetical question, cause it’s really cold here. Really. Brrr…)

  13. janie

    laffin’ my ass off :) thanks to jennifer for your acquaintance!

  14. tish

    I hate the winter. The longest winter I spent was three days in North Dakota – snowing on Halloween? And these people said it was a late snow? GEEZ.

  15. Em

    Even better – sit in your car with the heat on THEN turn your face to the sun and close your eyes. Viola! Instant beach feeling!

    I worked the overnight shift and missed the whole darned day :-( There will be others though, right? RIGHT???

  16. Eyes for Lies

    I definitely know how you feel. I think I am affected by the sun too – without a doubt.

    Just 10-20 minutes of natural sun on my face makes a world of difference for me.

    Cheers to the coming Spring!

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