Come right in, Mr. Murphy

By Mir
February 4, 2005

Hey, it’s 6:11 AM. Guess why I’m up? No, really, go on! Guess!

Well, it snowed, so there’s a 2-hour school delay.

So, naturally, the children got up at 5:45 to watch television. FIVE. FREAKING. FORTY. FIVE.

Those of you who know what I’m up to today can stop laughing ANY TIME NOW.




  1. Jules

    NOT laughing (much)

    Giggling a bit tho…


  2. Ben

    Laughing my freaking ASS off.

    Welcome to my world…

  3. Katie

    Argh! My kids do the same thing! I had to wake them up at 8:20 (to be at school by 8:45) this morning and tomorrow I know they’ll be up before 7.

    Good luck finishing everything up!

  4. Suzanne

    This is obviously your pre-job training, where you will practice managing to get up early enough to get yourself presentable enough for work, before you tackle getting the children ready for school. Isn’t time management grand?

  5. jilbur

    I beg your pardon, no, I cannot stop laughing … and I don’t think I’ll be able to all day! xoxoxoxox

  6. Amanda B.

    Oh nice. Another adventure to heighten your, “peel me off the ceiling” experience. Teeheehee.

    I hope you get a nap and have a wonderful day!

  7. Mamacita

    Since they (and you) all got up so early, maybe you can all take a group nap in the afternoon. My kids and I used to do that; all of us napping on the big bed. I would read to them a little, and then we’d snuggle down under the banket, and USUALLY they would sleep for an hour or two. Sigh. Those were the days. And okay, yes, I might be laughing a little bit.

  8. Kira

    Oh, sorry, *wipes eyes*, what was I going to say? Oh, that’s right,
    *pant, pant*

  9. panajane

    Were they good television shows? Cause then I can totally understand.

  10. Shiz

    The joy of sleeping unfortunately doesn’t come for a few more years. Have a great day anyway!

  11. Joshilyn

    Not laughing. No no. Definately NOT. *muffled choking gasps*

  12. Mike

    HeeHEEEE! I think they have radar, myself. I know mine do. Little, evil, kiddie-radar that wakes ’em up out of a dead sleep and tells them (*yawn*) “time to go make sure everything’s JUST like it’s supposed to be!” ROFL

  13. Barbara

    Surfing blogs and found yours through Everyday Life…

    I used to think my kids plotted against me. I thought they sat up nights after I fell asleep or met on the playground once a week and planned on how to mess over Mama and screw with her head. Now I am wiser. I KNOW they do. How else can you explain rising at 7:00 on weekends but on school days I have to spray them with water to get them out of bed at 8:00? How else can you explain every single food on the face of the earth is LOVED by one and despised by the other? They know making a dinner that is enjoyed by all is impossible. IT is all part of their little devious plan. I feel like when I drop them off at school in the morning they wait until I drive away and laugh their little asses off!

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