Is this part of acceptance?

By Mir
February 3, 2005
Category Detritus

If one spends the entire day trying to clean up several years of accumulated clutter in one’s house, one will find oneself reaching a calm place where the idea of bagging it all up and throwing it away seems like a brilliant plan.

P.S. This might be the result of being high on cookie fumes. Further research may be warranted.


  1. Jenn

    I second that notion (and there are no cookie fumes present). I found myself pondering this last weekend as I (finally) put away the mound of Christmas decorations that had been hanging out in the living room, and I actually found myself thinking, “If I ‘accidentally’ break this, I won’t have to put it away!” I managed to get it all into the downstairs closet where it lives now, but heaven help the next person to open that door. Which will probably be me.

  2. jilbur

    if you haven’t needed it in the last six months, the likelihood of needing it at any other time is marginal.
    otoh: pot, kettle, black …

  3. Summer

    Of COURSE it is a good idea! How do I know? Because TLC has a show all about throwing away years of accumulated clutter. If it is on TLC, it has to be a good idea, right?

    Except wait, they have shows like “World’s Wildest Weddings Part 4!” Maybe everything on TLC isn’t a good idea. But staging your own version of “Clean Sweep” still seems wise, as long as you don’t accidentally throw away your good slippers or any broken cookies.

  4. Jenny

    I sometimes want to just pitch it all, but…(I read this in a book)..junk is something you don’t need until two weeks after you throw it away! One year, I got rid of my high school yearbooks, and my brother’s, and my sister’s. I wish someone woulda stopped me!!!!

  5. Nina

    I feel a sense of deep contentment when I get rid of the clutter, something I don’t do often enough!

  6. Jenny

    It must be contagious. I just did the clean sweep in my daughter’s room and tomorrow I hit the boy’s.

  7. Robin

    Wouldn’t that be ever-so-much easier? Of course, there’s always that chance you may throw away something you need… like the cookie sheet.

  8. Philip

    ahhhh…or one might just order a dumpster and toss 20 cubic yards worth of the past into the landfill

  9. Crystal

    You can always do the flylady thing and only throw out 27 things at a time…

  10. amber

    I end up doing a massive purge at least once a year. It’s cathartic.

  11. Shiz

    Yes, it’s a brilliant idea. Throw it all away! Or, much of it. It’s soooo good for the soul.

  12. lassy

    i manage to secretly throw out bin liners full of stuff when no one is far (20 years and counting)no one has noticed,it’s good for the soul.

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