Can’t buy me love

By Mir
January 29, 2005
Category Friends

Boots of Power: $80 on clearance.
Pretty paper for my resumes: $5.
Rawhide for the dog/pony: $1.

Finally being able to email someone very dear to me that I’ve landed a great job and receiving the reply that reads “NO S#*%! YEA!”: PRICELESS.


  1. Rin

    You rock chica! I am sooo proud of you as I know you are on your job! It’s so rewarding eh? Congrats hon! ;)

  2. chris

    where can i get me some of the Boots of Power? they sound awesome for kicking ass! congrats!

  3. MZM

    Congrats Mir…you deserve it..Enjoy those boots!

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