Are you there, God? It’s me, Mir.

By Mir
January 29, 2005

I know I don’t always turn to you when I should. And I know that sometimes I don’t always make the right choices. Also, I tend to speak up only when I need a favor. I know. I’m working on it; all of it. I am.

Now. I solemnly swear to take out the garbage first thing in the morning. Please, please, let that be the source of the smell in the kitchen. I know you’re busy, and everything, but I don’t ask for much. Um, okay, well, I ask for lots of things. But I would really, really appreciate it if it’s just my garbage reeking and not a decaying rodent trapped in the wall.

See you at church in the morning, pal.


  1. Sarcastic Journalist

    can you tell him to come by my place? we have the stench of death coming from our garbage disposal.

  2. Dree

    Oh man, there is no smell worse than decaying rodent. I hope for your sake that it’s just the garbage!

  3. alektra

    Funny, I have the EXACT same problem right now. No, I am not kidding, I have seen the mouse tonight, too, but it ran away about five hours ago.

    Wah! I say we both have stinky garbage.

  4. Jenny


    Please don’t be a ro-DENT
    Not a stanky ro-DENT!
    No dead, decaying ro-DENT!

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