Good taste

By Mir
January 28, 2005

You have to be a special kind of talented to walk into Marshall’s and pick up a purse–on clearance–that’s still $96.


  1. Busy Mom

    Did you get it?

  2. Jules

    Of course you know you can NOT post such thing without pictures!

  3. song

    As if there was ever any doubt that you could be that pecial kind of talented, and every other kind.

  4. Jenny

    Shopping!! Weeee! I haven’t been shopping in ages.

  5. Jeff A

    Holy crap, who spends 96$ on a purse?

  6. chris

    without a doubt- that’s a gift that few of us possess!

  7. Fran

    I snagged a gorgeous Coach purse at TJMaxx for $120 early December and thought I’d stolen the crown jewels..I did!

  8. Suzanne

    I will never…ever…as long as I live…understand why purses are that expensive! Of course it won’t stop me from getting one, i’ll just never…ever…understand it.
    and now for the matching shoes…

  9. dave

    the matching shoes better be the BOP’s. (or something equally sexy)

  10. Chewie

    OK…this is a site of a person who watches WNTW every single week including marathons…and if you watch that you know…

    Purses and Shoes do NOT have to match anymore…

    Welcome to the new century, friends.

  11. Julie

    I have a similar gift: while perusing clearance racks, I always grab the one item that someone has placed there by accident, and is not even on sale at all. ;)

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