Gifted Touched in the head

By Mir
January 28, 2005

He Had a Dream… So Do I! (Sent home in the completed work folder yesterday.)

My Dream Is…
that anumuls wod have anuf water and nether have to die. I hate hunters. they kill anumuls. I do not eat meat1 because I am a vetutairyin2. I eat salid insted of tercy on thanksgiveing3. I do not eat fish4 because there anumuls. and martin loother king was alive agen because he was a great man5.

1 She is possibly the biggest carnivore in our house.

2 Also, not a veterinarian, so far as I know.

3 She eats neither salad nor turkey on Thanksgiving, preferring instead to consume her body weight in cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes.

4 Once, she ate 8 fish sticks with dinner and asked for more. I refused because I was afraid she would explode.

5 He was a great man, but even this batch of misspelled fabrications isn’t gonna bring him back to life.

P.S. The poor, confused teacher’s only written comment: “Nice writing, Chickadee.” I guess that took up less space than “Please stop sniffing the glue you freak.”


  1. Zuska

    LOL at “outing” her for all her fabrications/revisionist history!!! Perhaps my daughter has been sending her vegetarian vibes up to New England?

    And trust me, I’m sure Chickadee’s proclamations were TAME compared to some of the other kids!!!

  2. *Suzanne

    *laughs herself silly

  3. Ben

    I love the “I do not eat meat” line.

    My kids only know one kind of meat. Doesn’t matter what’s on the plate, it’s called “chicken.” Could be a fish, doesn’t matter.

    Except last night, when we had chicken?

    “Daddy, do you want some more pork?”


  4. lu

    Too funny! Mir, I hope you are adding this masterpiece to your growing collection…Chikadee will love reading it later on.

    Ben, my little one does the same thing. However, she does distinguish between white and red meat….anything that’s not white is sausage.

  5. Katie

    Too funny!

  6. Kym

    Can you have ChickaDee email my kids to help them create some great blogging fodder like this for me?

  7. Sheryl

    When’s she running for office?

  8. jilbur

    you benighted woman, she means he is alive in spirit. *shakes head* So hard for the poetic ones when the parents are stubbornly flatfooted. No, Mir, I meant that metaphorically. Yes, I see that you have lovely arches.

  9. cursingmama

    I hope you are making copies of this and laminating it so it will last for generations…or at least until you can share it with her as an adult. This is the stuff I wish my mom would’ve saved rather than saving, umm nothing.

  10. Nancy

    Ahh .. but what an imagination, and such good intentions!! So perhaps she’ll become a fiction writer!

  11. Jenny

    That was adorable Mir.

  12. Jenny

    ps. Your gmail icon looks great! ;-)

  13. Mamacita

    I hope you are saving these little essays. They are invaluable once your child reaches the teen years. (Blackmail rules, as far as I’m concerned. . . .) And when your child is grown and moves out of your house, they mean even more. Sigh.

  14. Amanda B.

    I love that kid. She’s a hoot, just like her Mamma! :)

  15. Laura

    That one’s a keeper, Mir.

  16. Jazzy

    Laughing at, I mean with you and little Chickadee. Funny girl she is.

  17. Shiz, who says THAT IS HILARIOUS!

    That is SO FUNNY!!!! I LOVE the reasoning and thinking tat goes on in the kidlet brain. That is too classic. You’re gonna have to save that one, for certain.

  18. Nina


  19. alektra

    All I can say is if she becomes anymore hippie-ish, NH is going to kick you out of the state to VT.

  20. Angie

    Coming out of ‘lurking’ to comment on how cute this is! I also have a daughter close in age and the creative spelling always cracks me up. Congratulations on the job, too!

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