By Mir
January 26, 2005

Her: I want toast.
Me: Okay.
Her: No, wait. I want french toast for lunch. No toast now.
Me: Okay. How about a banana?
Her: Apple.
Me: How about a banana?
Her: Apple.
Me: Hey, I know! How about… a banana!
Her: I. Want. An. Apple.
Me: Okay. I’m not cutting it up for you.
Her: Fine. I’ll have a banana.
Me: Excellent choice.

Who knew motherhood would give me everything I needed to prepare me for the subtleties of contract negotiations? I’m so ready for this afternoon’s call.


  1. RockStar Mommy

    My kid does not do negotiations yet.

    Our conversation is something like “apple!” “no, banana!” “no, apple” “no, banana!” “NO! APPLE!” “FINE! Here’s an apple, now SHUT UP!”

    Teach me, oh wise one.

  2. Ben

    If my kids ask for something I’m not offering, I say “fine, go get it.”

    Then they do.

    Somehow, I don’t know if I’m winning or giving in. Most days it’s hard to tell. Especially when i offer an apple and they demand ice cream.

  3. Chewie

    oh yes…the great art of negotiation…how sad is it that half the time I’m hip deep in it before I even realize that my expert oldest has taken me down this path…HA He is GOOD.

    And oh how he hates to have the deal broken off by a swift and authoritative…”STOP…I am the mom…here is the ONLY choice…it is this or nothing.” That really breaks a guy’s ego…*grin*…should I feel bad about that?

  4. Amanda B.

    That is very adorable. Smart kid you have there. Just wait until it’s a car you guys are negotiating! :)

  5. janie

    Congrats on the job! I’m so happy for you! It’s amazing what motherhood prepares us for. Sometimes you just don’t realize it. Good luck on the negotiating, with the kids AND the new job!

  6. Jenny

    We’ve had the same conversation in my house many times. I don’t let them get their own apple though. At 12, 8 and 4, they are under the mistaken impression that they’re old enough to know how to slice something without taking out a digit. I’m not comfortable with letting them take that risk. Call me crazy.

  7. Shiz

    Teach me, oh wise one.

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