Who wants a brownie??

By Mir
January 25, 2005
Category Job? Huh? | Woohoo!

Two and a half hours.

Three meetings.

One hypothetical marketing strategy involving a voice-recognition alarm clock for quadriplegics (yes, really… I couldn’t have made that up if I tried).

“Well, I think that’s about it. The good news is that my expectations for today were well met and I’m very pleased.”

“Oh. Um, great! What’s the bad news?”

“Bad news?”

“You said that’s the good news. What’s the bad news?”

“There is no bad news. Good news and better news. The better news is that we’ve decided offer you the position, and I’ll call you tomorrow to go over the offer.”


  1. susan

    Yay! I love it when good news is not followed by bad news.

  2. Jenn


  3. Heather



  4. Mary

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have as many brownies as you want; you deserve ’em.

  5. SpaceCase

    Delurking to say – Congrats!

    Did the rawhide bone help them decide in your favor?

  6. Lee

    I hope it’s the pole position……that would be cool.

  7. girl

    WOo hoo! Congratulations!

  8. Leslie

    Delurking, as well, to say congrats. Yeah!! I was really hoping for a dog update from this interview.

  9. Peek

    I was going to say whooo hoo but everyone else seems to have stolen my line so I’m going to say “YAHOO!!!” I’m so happy for you. Are you, like, totally excited about this job, even after all the meetings and finding out what they expect? Happy dance, happy dance. Thanks for keeping us posted and congratulations. I think this is even better news than getting laid!

  10. amber

    Woot!! I’m so happy for you!

  11. Rebecca

    Also delurking to say hurrah. Three cheers for Mir!!! I’ve had my fingers crossed. That’s just so great. Let’s all do the happy dance for Mir!

  12. Amy

    YIPPEEEE!!! That’s fantastic! Your mental illness number should now begin to return to normal. Congratulations!

  13. kim

    Doing the happy dance for you!
    I knew with all of us crossing everything that it was bound to turn out!!

  14. Wash Lady

    A Brownie?
    Heck honey – I say break out the CAKE and CHAMPAGNE for that good news.

  15. Oliquig

    Yea! Congrats. How long before you left the room did you manage not to do a happy dance?

  16. Karen

    Yee-ha! I’m so, so happy for you — and eager to hear what the job actually is.

  17. chewie

    chanting with a sing song…

    Mi-ir has a jo-ob…mi-ir has a jo-ob…oh yeah oh yeah…

    Doing the happy dance here for you…but sort of scared that my blog addiction will have to starve during your actual WORKING outside the home phase…ugh….selfish, but true.

  18. Chewie

    oh..uh…and take a hint from our blogosphere’s very own Dooce…do NOT write about your new job on here…do NOT do it!

    ok…i’m done being maternal now…oh wait…I have four kids under six…I’m NEVER done…

  19. Mamacita


  20. Kristie


    OH YAY!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  21. Ben

    I just want to say: Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

  22. Rachel

    Congratulations! I think you should post your intriguing cover letter in its entirety, so that we may all get kickass jobs in the future, too.

  23. Martha


  24. Sheryl

    Zippity Doo-dah! *does happy Snoopy dance*

  25. cursingmama

    Yeah! Did you wear the boots?

  26. Colleen

    That is totally awesome. I’m happy beyond words for you. {{big hug}}!

  27. Genuine


    Can I borrow $20?

  28. Beverly

    Yay, yay, yay!!! Congratulations! :)

  29. Stacey

    Awesome! That is so exciting, congrats!!!

  30. Kris

    Congrats! It had to be the boots! I’m so happy for you. Although just a wee bit sad, because now you’ll be relegated to evening posting. Unless of course — no you would never sink to posting from work on your first day … Seriously, great news!

  31. Jessica


  32. dreama

    Delurking to say. WHOPEE!!!!!!!

  33. Leanne

    YAY! Congrats!!

    You will still keep your blogging schedule while working full-time, right?

  34. Dawnie

    Brownies all around!


  35. Charmless

    Yay Mir. That is wonderful news. Congratulations!

  36. annie

    hurray!!!!! musta been the bone!

  37. Busy Mom

    YEEEE HAAAAAAH! Congrats! (LOL @ Ben).

  38. Zuska


    You SO deserve this!!!!

  39. Betsy

    Woo F’n Hoo! (phrase courtesy of my friend Denise)

    And yeah – the boots brought you luck!

  40. Jen H

    I have been lurking around waiting to see what happens! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  41. dave

    “Happy days are here again…
    something something laaalaaa cheer again…”

  42. JuJuBee

    Awesome! Way to go, Mir! I am so happy for you! I also need to borrow 50.00.

  43. Heidi

    Awesome news! Congrats :)

  44. elswhere


  45. Casey

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!….that the best news I’ve heard all day!….Congrads!

  46. Mike

    Whooooooooooooo-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Damn, now _I_ have to get a job. Everybody’s doing it. ;)

  47. Lucy Jane

    I read you every day, but usually don’t comment! I am very happy for your offer. You deserve it!

  48. beachgal

    Yay for Mir! I’m also de-lurking to wish you congratulations. We all knew it would happen. Hoo-ray!

    *slinks back to obscurity*

  49. lu

    Hooray! Congratulations, Mir. Hey, where can a girl find a pair of those magic boots anyway?

  50. Amanda B.

    Amanda does celebratory robot dance in Mir’s honor. :)

  51. L.

    yay! congrats! :)

  52. DBF

    Hooray! But don’t let me miss your blog…

  53. Scott

    It had to be the boots. Definitely the boots.


  54. Jenny

    OMG! Congratulations, Mir! You are, like, employed.

  55. Snow

    Wait a minute. Does this mean you might not blog as much? Make sure blogging is part of that offer, Mir. I really would miss you if you wandered off into the world of the gainfully employed and let your blog slide.

    Oh, and congratulations! As long as you don’t forget to blog, that is.

  56. Marcia

    Congratulations! Hope the offer is good!

  57. Julie

    De-lurking to say –
    Awesome. What great news! Congratulations!!

  58. Jules

    Praise the Lord and pass the brownies! Or booze…or BOTH!

    Splendiferous news!! :)

  59. Kym

    ~You got the job~
    ~You got the job!~

    SOOOOOOooooooo Happy for You!

  60. Shiz



    Celebrate and feel good about this one, girl, because THAT sounds like ONE. KICK. ASS. JOB!

    I’m SO GLAD that they want you, Mir!

  61. Em

    Yahoo! Another good excuse to eat brownies! 2005 is heading in the right direction. Congratulations!!!

  62. RegularCinderella

    Good for you!
    Geez, is it Tuesday already? ;-)

  63. Eclair

    Woo-hoo! You go girl.

  64. Fraulein N

    Wooooo! Congratulations; you deserve it.

  65. Momsy


  66. vics

    WOOHOO!!! it was the boots. You know i’m right.
    hey – wait…
    Does this mean you’ll be posting less now that you’re a working mum?!
    *howls in selfish anguish*

  67. Debra

    Woot! Woot! You didn’t really need to bribe the dog with a bone. It’s all you Bay-Bee!

  68. udge

    Congratulations! We all knew that somebody would have to recognize your wonderfulness sooner or later. Give my regards to the doghorse, and don’t forget to tell us ALL about the job.

  69. Ryan Elizabeth

    Congrats! That is wonderful!

  70. MZM

    I know ,, I’m late but I remembered and came today to check on you. Congratulations and I’m thrilled for you……….Go Girl

  71. bad penguin

    Congratulations! That is wonderful news.

  72. Erin

    YAY YAY and more YAY!!!! I knew you’d get it! I am so happy for you, Mir. Congratulations!! (This calls for a celebration!)

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