Insanity, thy name is blizzard

By Mir
January 23, 2005
Category Detritus

I am moving to Hawaii. Immediately. Provided that I can get my car out, which may or may not be possible. I seem to have an itty bitty snowdrift blocking my garage. It’s about three feet high, and I am typing this from the warmest corner of the house, where I am curled into a small ball and rocking back and forth, humming “You Are My Sunshine.” In a minute I plan to hurl myself out the window–bathrobe and all–to try to get the attention of the plow guy who is neither answering his phone nor stopping at my house.

And then, I’m moving to Hawaii.

Chickadee became concerned, this morning, that we needed to “check on Daddy” and make sure he was okay. So she called him on the phone, and was chatting away, when I overheard this little gem:

“Daddy, that was SILLY! Mama TOLD you not to do that. See? Sometimes your old wife KNOWS THINGS.”

Yes indeed. Now, in addition to feeling trapped and cold, I also feel exceedingly old and wise. Need guidance? Consult the Old Wife. She’s behind the snowbank.


  1. Mom

    What a sagacious daughter you have, to discern the wisdom of the ‘old wife.’ It’s easy for we adults to see how erudite you are but Chickadee is so young… and then there’s her ability to identify how ‘silly’ her father is….

    An all-around impressed grandmother – OR –

  2. Jenny

    Oh No! Bwahahahaha. Stay warm and perhaps add some nice warming liquor to your tea, just, you know, to warm your old, wise cockles.

  3. Philip

    I heard you’re supposed to tip the snowplow drivers…

    Don’t you own a snow blower?

    Sorry you’re snowed in. But where did you want to go anyway? You should get some more blankets, make some hot chocolate and take it easy today.

  4. rudolf

    You have a plow guy? You lucky…

    On days like today, I’d rather yell at the plow guy (or maybe use him as an excuse) rather than go out and do it myself. Even though I own a snowblower.

    It was also very nice of the city to plow the road I live on for the first time–just after the newspapers were delivered. So I had to use the snowblower to find the newspapers.

    Enjoy the warmth of indoor sports today, everyone!

  5. joshilyn

    WHy do your comments say you are the zero boss? You aren’t, I feel very certain, the same person.

    Pack me in your suitcase, I feel very strongly it is Hawaii time.

  6. alektra

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who fears snow.

    And perhaps, just perhaps, Chickadee says stuff like that more than you know.

    Hee hee.

  7. Suzanne

    and um…tell me again why you guys live there? Brrrrr

  8. Nancy

    gave up on the plow-guy last year. Now my husband is the “snow-blower guy” … problem is you have to convince him to get out of bed, get dressed, and get started! The aroma of coffee usually works.
    We had about 14 inches, but it’s nice and light…now today I’ll just bake more brownines and eat some more junk!

  9. Fraulein N

    I think maybe Chickadee meant “old” as in “former.” Hee. Also, you have a snow plow guy? Lucky…

  10. A Touch of Style

    Hawaii does sound nice. I was thinking seriously about Florida, but they are supposed to get frost tonight, so Hawaii is sounding better and better.
    :) also warming her old bones by the fire. :)

  11. Edgar

    Ooh, that was below the belt… :D

  12. Cori

    So what did he do, that even Chickadee knew he should have listened to you about?

  13. Amy

    One does not need a car to move to Hawaii, because one cannot DRIVE to Hawaii. One needs only the phone number for the airport shuttle service. Which, judging by the pictures, I would be dialing by now!!

  14. Karin

    Well, your snow looks very similar to ours. We have a state of emergency declared in our state. However, unlike Hawaii, there are no active volcanoes here. No matter where you go, there’s a drawback (sigh.) Almost everyone is old to Chickadee–at least she recognizes that you’re wise!

  15. Shiz

    Wow, Chickadee. Wow.


    Sending you warm rays and hugs.

  16. Barb

    I live in Hawaii and I don’t want to burst your bubble, but there are drawbacks.

    Like yesterday we had to close the windows because the tradewinds were blowing a bit too hard.

    And one day last week I had to put socks on because it dipped into the 70’s.

    Then there’s that pesky sun that keeps beating down through our skylights…


    By the way, love your blog! You’re welcome in Paradise any time!!

  17. L.

    yes, in hawaii our winters meant wearing windbreakers when we got cold…now ya made me homesick…

  18. song

    put chilli powder and rum into your hot chocolate, guaranteed instant warmth. Plus will give you the strength to be referred to as ‘the old wife’ (even though she didn’t mean it like that) and it be rejected by the snow-plow-man.

    In the meantime, what is all that white fluffy stuff? How come I am sweating and my garden is wilting and you get white fluffy stuff?

  19. Ryan Elizabeth

    LOL, the silly things kids say. Hmmm do you wonder what he said?

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