Epiphany, meet inspiration

By Mir
January 22, 2005

I’ve been mulling over that last post, and I think I figured it out. Now I’m ready to reap the multi-million-dollar harvest of my brilliance.

See, it turns out that all this time, I’d been wearing this dabbed behind my ears. It works great, by the way.

But mix that with just a glimmer of hope and a hint of joy, and the result is more like this. And that, my friends, drives men wild.

And it can be yours for the low, low price of just $19.95, plus shipping and handling!

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “But Mir? Does it really work?” Well, you be the judge. I’m wearing it right now! And tell the truth: you want me more than ever. It’s okay. It’s not me, it’s my new miracle product. Trust me.

I’ll be accepting cash, checks, major credit cards, and lightning bolts.


  1. Nancy

    If I call right now will I also get a purse-sized container and a set of Ginsu Knifes for the same low price?

  2. Genuine

    Where do us guys put it?

  3. rudolf

    Is that “taken” as in “spoken for”, or “taken” as in “taken for a ride”? :-)

  4. JenL

    Brilliant! And, if successful, it will also solve that pesky lack-of-employment situation!

    :-) Carry on!

  5. dave

    I can not lie. I do want you more than ever. To think that it is all because of something dabbed behind your ears.

    I feel like such a fool.

  6. RegularCinderella

    How did you know I want you more than ever. I’m so embarrassed…I didn’t want you to find out this way.
    Um…and can I make that in two payments? (and if I call within the next ten minutes, can I take one payment off?)

  7. Amanda B.

    Try wearing a little “Teenage Boys Suddenly Started Calling Me ‘Mam’ and ‘That lady’.

    That always make me feel super sexy!

  8. Jeff A

    You’ve been selling that stuff to my wife haven’t you?

  9. ben


    What happened to “Bacon?”

    /perpetually hungry

  10. Bob

    I need a few bottles for my daughter. My shotgun is in the shop.

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