I just hope I smell worthy

By Mir
January 20, 2005
Category Job? Huh?

My second interview has been rescheduled for next Tuesday.

I’ve been given a list of the people with whom I’ll be meeting; the president amongst them. And the dog/pony from the first interview, with the clarifying note that “he needs another good sniff to judge [my] character.”

Whaddaya know… another excuse to eat bacon. I love this company.


  1. dorrie

    I am waiting to hear back from a first interview also, glad you got the call-back! This waiting takes me back to dating–waiting for the phone to ring, feeling all, does he like me or does he like someone else more? HATE that. I am even considering leaving the house in hopes that THAT will make him call me. Oh, and btw, I am not even sure that I WANT this job, but seriously, that’s not the point! Oh. Sorry. Not about me. Congrats on your call back! What are you going to wear?

  2. The Zero Boss

    Fingers crossed…

  3. Jenn

    That reminds me of the Paddington Bear books, and how Paddington packed his bacon in his suitcase, but some of it was hanging out, so he was followed around by dogs.

    I like working in places that have dogs. :) My boss at my internship brought his dog to work every day, there’s something nice about having a dog to pet when things aren’t going well. Just one more reason why I’m glad my current bosses let me work at home, I’ve always got a dog to pet.

    Good luck with the interview! Now you have another 5 days to think about it!

  4. Suzanne

    There is no finer sandwhich than a BLT!

  5. ben

    It’s like the commercial for the dog treats where the dog can smell it and goes running through the house:


    and then he gets to it and yells “I can’t read!!, which turns out to be a good thing since it’s really dog food that just smells bacony.

    Um, this comment might apply to your last post, too. Only not a dog, but perhaps a person who loves bacon (and rolling around nekkid on the bed) as much as you…

    (sorry, Dad, she started it! **points**)

  6. Jules

    I’m thinking there’s no real need to eat the bacon, unless of course the dog/pony is going to be smelling your breath..just rub it on the most accessable parts…

    …what’s that smell??

    Ohhh that? Essence of Hickory…Like it?

    I hear it makes a great after shaving moisurizer


  7. Scott

    All this bacon talk has me hungry… and aroused.

    I would love to have a dog at work. It certainly would make the day much more enjoyable. I guess that’s one big perk of not working for a large company.

    Good luck with the interview. Remember to put the cheap sheets on the bed before you shimmy in the maple cured goodness of pork strips.

  8. Jules

    Noooo you don’t use sheets for things like that…you cover the bed in plastic….something about the slipping and sliding that makes for much more of a challange…

    ….not that I would know about things like that :)

  9. udge

    Told you the doghorse was a good sign. The office sounds “interesting”: either they are all babbling idiots, or it will be a wonderful place to work. Time will tell.

    Good luck!

  10. Ben

    Ask them if it’s a Dorse. If they watched the Lost Saucer (Ruth Buzzi, Jim Nabors, and that really hot babysitter and some kid) they’ll laugh. If they don’t, they’ll laugh anyway, but them might point and move a little further away from you in the conference room.

    And I just had a Breakfast on a Bun, with bacon. And couldn’t help but think of you…

  11. Betsy

    Bacon is always appropriate.

    BUT if you’d prefer some other choices, Demeter has some fine options available:
    MojitoGin and Tonicsomething to go with the FM Bootsand the ever-popular Dirt.

  12. alektra

    You could always sacrifice a leather shoe and let the dog “get” it away from you. When he eats it, they’ll feel guilty and know by your calm. loving demeanor that you’re the right person for the job?

  13. Jules

    Ohhh great idea!

    Shove a few pieces of bacon in the toe of it and that one’s in the bag!

  14. Shiz


  15. rudolf

    My favorite method of judging a woman’s character is by taste test.


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