By Mir
January 17, 2005
Category Detritus

Well, it was an exciting day, but the kids are asleep, the kitchen is clean, and the downstairs is picked up.

Now… who wants to join me for a cup of tea and some of my homemade banana cranberry oatmeal bread?


  1. dave

    Me, me, me, ME!

  2. susan

    Is there any left?

  3. rudolf

    Yum! Can I consider it dessert since I just finished having dinner?

    I feel the same way…now I can relax.

  4. Crystal

    Ooohhh! I’m on my way! Save me a slice!

  5. Psycho Kitty

    I’m drinking a Baileys, but what the hey, I can do a tea chaser. Count me in.

  6. Cori

    *knock, knock* Is it too late for banana cranberry oatmeal bread? Maybe I can join you for breakfast? I’ll bring the eggs.

  7. DaFFy

    Oh no – I think I am too late :(

  8. chasmyn

    Me!! I do!!

  9. Lizt

    Heh! Had some bananas go “ick” (actually, I think the word the kids used was “blecky”)and I baked some, too – without the oatmeal. I’ll take some coffee, light and sweet ;o)

  10. Ben

    That sounds divine…

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