Crucial exam, pass/fail only

By Mir
January 13, 2005
Category Job? Huh?

Or, a sampling of the reasons I am really not equipped to go on job interviews.

1) Is it better to:
A) Go au naturale, rather than risk being obviously scented, or
B) Wear a little perfume, so that when I get nervous and sweat I still smell good?

2) Is it preferable to:
A) Wear my new boots, which are oh-so-chic and killer hot, but I am also fairly likely to trip in, or
B) Wear my less chic, less new, but less-likely-to-stumble standby pumps?

3) Will my resumes printed on blue paper cause them to:
A) Remember me, both because it’s nice stock and matches my shirt, or
B) Laugh behind my back because, dude, my resume matches my shirt.

4) Was ironing my blouse:
A) A sufficient offering to the employment gods, or
B) Just one more waste of time I’ll be pissed about tomorrow?

5) Right now, should I be:
A) Sitting here doing this to soothe my nerves, or
B) Getting dressed and leaving?


  1. Ben

    I remember agonizing for DAYS about how to print resumes. What paper, what font, what margins, all that crap.

    I get to Big Old Restaurant Company for my interview? They had a fax. Of a copy. Of my resume. That had coffee spilled on it.

    (I still got the job, somehow)

  2. Ben

    Oh, Crap, I forgot to tell you:

    I just want to say: good luck, and we’re all counting on you.

    (*waves to Zoot*)

  3. RockStar Mommy

    Good luck, Mir! We’re all cheering for you!

    (I think the matching resume and skirt is a cute touch. I’d hire you just for that. But, maybe that’s why no one works for me…)

  4. The Zero Boss

    Go naked. That’ll wow ’em.

    And for the love of the infant Jesus, use plain white paper.

    Best of luck, kid. :)

  5. Kym

    These were rhetorical right? :D

    Good luck. Do post or email. I’m saying prayers that they love you and hire you ASAP!!! (Ok.. I’m also including high pay, benefits, and hiring you on the spot… because I believe God is a God of specifics!)

  6. Amy

    b,a,a,b,b. Just my opinion, of course – but I think they’ll love you even if your blouse is wrinkled…Good Luck!

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