And I didn’t even have to juggle

By Mir
January 13, 2005
Category Job? Huh?

Salient points from this afternoon’s exercise, in no particular order:

  • I did not fall down in my super-fantastic boots.
  • The person who interviewed me was not wearing shoes.
  • The job is even better than I thought.
  • The salary is even better than I’d hoped.
  • The phrase “You bring to the table many skills that none of the other applicants have” was said three times.
  • The benefits are not to be believed.
  • At the end of the interview, I was asked to please be ready to come back next week and meet the rest of the team.
  • At the end of the interview, a small shaggy pony, or perhaps a large friendly dog (very difficult to tell), bounded in and sat on my feet.
  • At the end of the interview, in spite of everything I believe about not getting my hopes up (again), it was suddenly crystal clear to me that God works in mysterious ways.


  1. Kristie


  2. Jazzy

    GOOD LUCK! Fingers, toes, legs, arms, it’s all crossed!

  3. Jules

    Do you know how close to tears I am? Because I am weepy and also becuse I love you and want you THIS to be IT for you!!!

  4. Lee

    Sounds like a pretty sucky job…

    I think you need to find a job where they let you blow stuff up and drink beer. That would be cool.

  5. Chewie


    So, are you a dog person or did that gross you out?


    I can NOT wait to hear….this is gonna be fantastic! Kym’s prayers were heard!

  6. MZM

    Good luck Mir. I’ll be pulling for you, for sure….

  7. Heather

    Woot! I’ll be praying the next phase goes just as well.

  8. L.

    interviewer not wearing shoes? hrm. was the person from hawaii? :P

  9. Lisa

    *crossing everything that crosses*

  10. Dave

    It’s about time that an employer recognizes you to be as special as your readers do.

  11. Irene

    Like everyone else I wish you oodles of luck through my laptop screen!

  12. Kym

    YAY!!! I’m so glad it went well. I seriously can’t imagine ANYONE not wanting to hire you Mir. I can not believe it took this long. They are so lucky to get you :)

    Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

    Pays more then you thought AND has good benes? YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    I hope they call you MONDAY ;)

  13. RockStar Mommy

    I’m seriously going to cry for you! (But I’ll wait until more good news for that!) Good luck!

  14. Marcia

    Oooooo this sounds promising. Crossing my fingers.

  15. annie

    wishing on a star and then some girlie…..great big good luck vibes!

  16. Karen

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Keeping all appendages crossed for you….
    P.S. The dog/pony didn’t wreck your boots, did he?

  17. Mike

    Yay. :) And here I went and forgot you even had this today…bad Mike. Once in a while, don’t those stars just line right up? Happy news, Mir…yay!!

  18. Jen

    I hope this is it!! Good Luck. :)

  19. Fraulein N

    Yay! I am so happy for you right now. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  20. Heather

    Oooh, this sounds so good! I’ll definitely pray for you Miss Mir. You’ll be so great!

  21. ben

    a real dog and pony show, eh?


    Well, cool for you! But you know we’re all dying to know what color you went with for the resume.

    AND I wanna see pics of these boots…

    Like they said, I’ve got everything crossed that I can (and then some).

  22. Mamacita

    Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Eyes crossed. I walk funny and keep crashing into the walls now but for you: anything. Good luck, and lots of it.

  23. diane

    Ohh, I don’t even know you and I started getting misty. GOOD LUCK!!
    I hope good things are in the air b/c I have a job interview with a major nonprofit next week. But if luck is limited, I wish it to you, as you’ve been needing it longer!

  24. Nina

    oooooooooooh I hope you get it hooray for you!!

  25. Lisa

    You get to work with a pony? Lucky! Wishing you the best…

  26. Betsy

    Still doing the Happy Snoopy Dance -but in double-time now!

  27. elswhere

    I started working on a song parody with the refrain “Employable You” but am too sleepy to make it work–instead am doing happy bouncing dance very quietly and anticipatorily….yay! yay! yay!

  28. Hula Doula

    fingers and toes are crossed!!

  29. Sheryl

    Okay, not to jinx anything, but WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

  30. TMarie

    Great news Mir!! I’m sure they’ll call soon, they certainly sound very interested. Good Luck!

  31. Zuska

    Everything is crossed for you!!! It sounds wonderful, and you certainly deserve it!!!

  32. bad penguin

    I’m pulling for you. It sounds awesome!

  33. mc

    hmm, how did you interview at my company and i never even noticed it? no shoes + dog sounds quite familiar. but, wait, you said something about a salary even better than you’d hoped. definitely not my company. good luck, though!

  34. Micheline P.

    Dang, I wanna work with shoeless people and ponies! Mir, you get all the fun! Seriously, keeping everything crossed and happy rainbow thoughts of good luck flowing for you! YAY!!!

  35. udge

    The guy without shoes worries me a little, but the doghorse is surely a good omen. Good luck! Have a great, happy, indulgent, be-kind-to-yourself weekend on the success of this interview.

  36. Shiz


    I’m lovin’ it!

  37. tone

    De-lurking to say, WooHoo! Crossing my fingers for you Mir!

  38. Amy

    Hallelujah! Finally someone who recognizes quality when they see it!

  39. Snow

    I will be crossing all things crossable for you.

  40. Debra

    Ohhhhh gawd, Ihopeyougetit, Ihopeyougetit, Ihopeyougetit. Oh girl, you just got to get it.

  41. Erin

    Wow! That is so wonderful! Isn’t it great that you FINALLY find (and GET!) a job that is everything you wanted, plus a bigger salary than you expected, PLUS benefits??

    Woo-hoo for you!! Congrats!!

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