Party stats

By Mir
January 8, 2005

Number of children invited: 8.
Number of children expected: 7.
Inches of snow that had fallen by half an hour prior to partytime: 3.
Inches of snow that fell during the party: 3.
Number of times the plows had been by: 0.
Number of cancellations: 2.
Number of mysterious no-shows: 1.
Number of puddles in my mudroom: 7.
Total party meltdowns: 0.
Number of times I found myself wishing I’d just planned for only six kids: A billion.
Number of times I kicked myself for stressing out so badly over what ended up basically being a playdate: A trillion.
Number of candles Monkey blew out: 2.
Number of candles Chickadee blew out when Monkey’s first try was unsuccessful: The rest of them.
Extra juice boxes: 12.
Number of children who cared that the cake was lopsided: 0.
Number of parents who teased me for caring that the cake was lopsided: 2.
Bouquets brought to me by friend who was supposed to be helping with the capes last night: 1.


  1. ben

    Glad it went well! Sorry about the stress thing. Maybe next time?

  2. Jenny

    Oh man. I bet it was a great party, but I think mama needs a drinky-poo.

  3. Janet

    Usually, we’re our own worst critics. Enjoy your bouquet :-)

  4. Karin

    If you had zero meltdowns, the party was a rip roaring success. Well done!

  5. alektra

    See! See!

    I think us grownups forget how little the kids notice in life. After all, how many times do you have to tuck in a button-down shirt on a kid because they’ll NEVER notice?

    :) glad it went well.

  6. Kym

    I want to see pics of the cake! Your bloggy friends don’t know how talented you are in the cake making department.

    Happy Birthday Monkey!

    Auntie Kym

  7. Heather

    I’m so glad it went well! I have a party next week to which my birthday girl has invited 21 guests! I’m feeling pretty good about it though since I whittled the list down from 40!

  8. Nancy

    I always realize much too late that all the planning was unnecessary … and the stress quite wasted … but I will certainly do it all over again next time. I’t in a mother’s blood!
    Hope Monkey had a great time!

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