Trivia no one should know

By Mir
January 6, 2005

Question: How many times can a little girl sing “Away in a Manger” with great depth of feeling but using complete gibberish aside from the phrase “Little Lord Jesus?” (To wit: “I bee-dee, fron lowla gin cry wah dee day! The li-ttle lord Jesus gree fon doo be bay!”)

Answer: Eleventy trillion. Over and over. For. Ever.


Question: Thusly serenaded, where did I leave the box of macaroni I took out for lunch?

Answer: On top of the washing machine. Naturally.

Hold me.


  1. Chewie

    um…you know that the small people hide things from us, right? are you sure YOU left it there? Need I remind you that my girly girl hid the lid to the jam for about 30 min while I looked in every cranny thinking I had LOST my mind…

    it is frightening, isn’t it? she is only two…she is gonna kick my ass in about 6 months.

  2. Ben

    I was singing “little drummer boy” this morning while tying shoes (god knows how or why I had to tie so many shoes when there are only three children, seems like it took an hour)

    Anyway, I was just making up words like “I’m wearing blue socks too, barumpapum-pum” and my seven year old looks me dead in the eye and says “I hate that song.”


  3. divinemissk

    hi mir-
    i de-lurked yesterday, so now i feel like i have the right to offer unsolicited advice, i hope you don’t mind too much.
    i’ve had the dreaded eczema (moderate to severe) my whole life (20 something years now) and i just recently tried this stuff called ‘body butter’ from
    it got a great write up in natural health magazine for treating eczema (the woman who developed it had eczema as a child). it has worked out really well for me, surprisingly well, actually. i gave up steroid creams two years ago and will never go back. i do occasionally use e1idel combined with a little lavendar oil (rub the oil on first and then the e1idel). the advice re: fish oil is a very good idea too. also cutting out dairy helps TREMENDOUSLY, but is difficult for me as an adult, so i can only imagine how difficult it would be for a kid.
    good luck! i know from my own experience as a child that having eczema is a pain in the butt and i would have done anything to make it go away.

    ok- enough of me butting in-

    love, LOVE your site!

  4. Karin

    It’s amazing what children can do to otherwise intelligent women, isn’t it?

  5. bellabelly

    My husband does the same thing to songs!! He NEVER remembers the words,so he just makes up some gibberish. He sometimes even leaves out parts of choruses and just inserts some crazy bridge that he cooked up. Now, me being an unemployed at the moment music teacher and all, this DRIVES ME BERZERKOID. It makes my teeth itch. And THIS, is probably why I don’t have children yet. Because I am a singing snob. And God just won’t grant me children for fear that I will psychologically damage them with all my musical perfectionism and er, tooth scratching.

  6. Shiz

    Gibberish at full volume is the worst.

  7. Erin

    Hey, I found the phone (ringing) in the fridge the other day. I feel your pain.

  8. OneSingleMom

    Mir –

    I must admit that when I was young (I was an only child for seven GLORIOUS years, lol), I frequently made my parents and grandparents (my mom IS an only child) sit in the livingroom on Christmas Eve while I sang “Away in a Manger”, “The Little Drummer Boy”, and any other Christmas carol I could sing ‘opera’ style – ALL in made up languages. Funny thing is – I’m 42 years old now and all this time, I thought I was the ONLY one who had ever done this!! Thanks for sharing!!! …osm

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