The top-ten lists of the new year

By Mir
January 2, 2005

Things I should be doing right now:
1) Packing up the Christmas stuff.
2) Cleaning.
3) Laundry.
4) Putting away laundry.
5) Determining whether that gargantuan pile of clothing sitting at the end of my bed is clean or dirty.
6) Going through closets.
7) Sewing capes (keep reading).
8) Having lunch.
9) Fixing my desktop computer.
10) Formulating my plan for the week.

Things I actually am doing right now:
1) Listening to the CD of our Christmas concert that I received this morning (thanks, Rudy!).
2) Marvelling at the sheer amount of stuff my nightstand top holds, jenga-like, and wondering if I touch it, will it cause an avalanche.
3) Eating what’s left of the Halloween candy.
4) Trying to remember when I last changed sheets, and–as the children have been away most of the week–rationalizing that they’re probably still clean.
5) Considering throwing the pile of clothes in the hamper.
6) Seriously considering hiding in my closet for most of the year.
7) Wondering how it is that I sent out birthday party invitations weeks ago and I A) can’t remember what time I said the party was going to be, B) haven’t started doing ANYTHING related to preparation, and C) thought making capes for a houseful of 5-year-olds was a good idea.
8) Drinking a latte.
9) Convincing myself that I can live with just a laptop, and the desktop makes a damn fine paperweight.
10) Dreading the coming week.

New Year’s resolutions I should make:
1) Be happy.
2) Be patient.
3) Discover my new career.
4) Make an effort to start dating.
5) Spend more quality time with my children.
6) Take up a new hobby that will broaden me socially.
7) Be kinder to myself.
8) Keep up with the housework rather than doing damage control every so often.
9) Exercise.
10) Take a vacation this year.

New Year’s resolutions I did make:
1) Make a concerted effort to be statistically less neurotic.
2) Care less.
3) Find a job. Any job.
4) Stop spending so much time with married men and miscreants.
5) Yell at my children less.
6) Undertake a gigantic secret project which will most likely lead to great disappointment but has the added bonus of making my life even more insular and hermit-like than it is now!
7) Go into debt rather than cut salon visits from my budget. Some things are not optional, Medusa.
8) Give the children more chores.
9) Park further from the door when I go to Target.
10) Plan at least one completely frivolous and fun activity this year and refuse to feel guilty about it.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


  1. Sheryl

    I hope #10 is a vacation :o)

  2. Lisa

    Mir- I have an I heart Target story you will love. First the new returns without receipt- they can track your purchases through your checking account now- my god the use of Big Brother for good! And secondly, I bought my daughter this cute bracelet for Christmas. It was $17 and I carried it around the store forever trying to decide if she was responsible enough to justify the expense. I bought it. Fast forward 5 days to Christmas Eve, bracelet not in the bag, receipt is, but not jewelry. Looked through car, house, trash, nowhere to be found. Finally on December 29, I am Target, returning the Uggs Santa bought in the wrong size, and I tell the checker about the bracelet. She walks aways and comes back holding bracelet! It was left at check-out and they were holding it for me. I love Target.

    Oh and try mix and match resolutions from your different lists. Keep #7 from list 3.

  3. alektra

    I want to know about secret project. I bet it has something to do with your gigundous talents. :)

    Good luck. And I wish I could come up with that normal of a list…

  4. Coleen

    I agree. Vacation for Mir in 2005!

  5. udge

    Happy new year, Mir! Whichever list you choose to implement, they would all make for an interesting (for you) and amusing (for us) year. All the best.

  6. Jenny

    Well, NOW I KNOW what kind of housekeeper I am……I do damage control every so often! Gotta LOOOVE that description….it makes it sound better, haha!I told my middle son to leave his laptop straddling the arm chairs in the livingroom….it served the purpose of hiding spots when my in-laws came over!

  7. Closet Metro

    I don’t know if adding “learn to play guitar” will help too much with most of your list(s), except List Two, Resolution One (Be Happy). Playing any musical instrument should be fairly relaxing, and enjoyable. You’re obviously musical, so you should pick it up fairly easy. After just a few days with my “real” guitar I can fumble through a couple of songs that I actually want to play.

    Let’s have a race to see who gets a job first. Good luck.


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