Back to channel surfing….

By Mir
January 2, 2005

Dear blind friend-of-a-friend fix-up guy,

You know, I was almost believing that excuse about delayed IMs because of “not being a very fast typist.”

But I must say that if you delay long enough between responses that I have ample time to track down your profile on and it turns out that you’re ONLINE AND ACTIVE that sort of ruins the impression of slow but undivided attention.


Also? It says which is your best feature. Not which is your most prominent personality trait. Gold star to whomever identifies what he answered for that…. *snort*

She who is tiring of the current hail of TOADS


  1. Kristie

    Hmph. Have ya tried eHarmony? The folks on that commercial always look so much more satisfied than the folks. There aren’t any bouncing arrows….

  2. Heather

    My friend Tina gave me a mug with a little frog prince on the inside rim of it for my graduation a few years ago. So everytime I take a drink, I kiss the frog.

  3. Beverly

    Hi Mir!

    I was going to email you, but I couldn’t find an address here for you, so I guess this gets to be a comment! :)

    My name is Beverly Tjerngren and I’m a writer/editor for the online
    magazine “Mosaic Minds.” I’ve been reading your blog for a few months
    now, and both my editor-in-chief and I think you would make a great
    subject for our interview column, “Chick Pick.” We’re working under a
    bit of a short deadline this time around, with the article needing to be
    ready to go by January 10, but if you’re interested I think we can make
    it work. Please check out the ‘zine at to get a
    feel for what we’re doing, and let me know if you’d like to be our next
    Chick Pick!

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Beverly Tjerngren

  4. csm

    A friend told me that all men are toads, you just have to find the one who gives you the least amount of warts hehehe!!

  5. Rockchild

    I never seen hail of Toads before, it’s usually ice.

    He sounds like he might be doing drugs if he answered “snort” for best feature, I would stay away from him, Mir!

    I hope you had a nice weekend, and have a great week!

  6. Ben

    Perhaps he was typing one handed?

    (um, sorry, Dad, but this one was just BEGGING for the comment)

  7. Marcia

    With such a storm of toads surely your chances of kissing one that turns into a prince is higher? Or maybe all the toads in your area are mutant.

  8. Coleen

    See, I thought the worst about online status all the time, but then someone told me that it’s not an instant thing. So when it says that someone is online or active right at the moment, it may be within the last hour or two, and not for really reals just then.

    Still doesn’t excuse the assholisity, though. He is missing OUT!

  9. Betsy

    I’m going to guess that he listed his ego as his ‘best feature’. Or something close, anyway…

    And yeah – don’t trust the status indicators.

  10. Casey

    I’m gonna guess he put that his wit is his best feature….just a guess.

  11. Fraulein N

    I want “tiring of the current hail of TOADS” on a t-shirt.

  12. moose

    … his ass?

  13. Susan

    Yup, I guess ass too

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