Having a three-way

By Mir
December 31, 2004

Did you know there’s a marathon going on all day today?

Yeah, baby. Me, Stacy, and Clinton. Ushering in the new year. Woo!

Is it hot in here?

Here’s to 2005 bringing us all health and happiness. Or, you know, less innuendo and more actual raunch. I’m not picky.


  1. lisa

    Happy New Year! Hope you have good times with your kids and find a great future!

  2. Kate

    Oooh – I love them too! I keep telling Paul to nominate me. Anyway, have a great New Year!

  3. closet metro

    I may adopt “less innuendo and more actual raunch” as my new years slogan. Love it. Good luck.

  4. MZM

    Happy New Year. I love Stacy and Clinton……Thanks goodness they’re on TV

  5. Jenny

    Happy New Year!

  6. Lisa

    We just watched the one with the rockstar girl. Yes drinking champagne, letting the kids stay up and watching TLC. My life is pathetic, but at least I know what to expect, because it’s consitently pathetic.Happy New Year Mir!

  7. ken

    Happy 2005!

  8. Kathy

    I love them but would be mortified to have myself chosen to be on the show! Although I am so totally qualified to be! Happy New Year from a lurker.

  9. Fraulein N

    Yay! Now I know what I can watch all day long. Happy New Year!

  10. Annecat

    De-lurking to wish you a happy new year! Thanks for making me laugh :)

  11. MJ

    Happy New Year!

  12. ben

    Cool! Happy New Year!

    We’re watching the Cartoon Network right now, since apparently the four and six year olds own the television. But a three way sounds like fun :)

    And yes, more raunch! As opposed to the ‘low calorie raunch’ I’ve got now.

  13. Jennifer

    Ah, nice to see another fan out there. That show rocks my face off. I’d nominate myself if it weren’t against the rules. :-)

    I just stopped by to say I’ve enjoyed your journey this past year, albeit mostly silently. And yes, I know ‘enjoyed’ sounds like the wrong word in light of the year you’ve had, but somehow you’ve managed to write it that way. I admire you’re ability to smile through the tears. It’s good for the soul, don’t ya know.

    I wish you a whole new world of possibility and all the good things you wish for yourself in 2005, Mir. Happy New Year.

  14. girlwonder

    i was so pissed when i turned on tlc at the end of the day and realized they’d been showing episodes all day. what a rip.

  15. MetroDad

    Hi Mir,

    I didn’t plan on posting here but I can’t find your e-mail address on the site. Anyway, I hadn’t really been following the whole BOB awards thing but then I noticed that you had nominated me for Best Daddy Blog. And after I got over the shock and awe of being nominted by YOU (one who had inspited me to blog in the first place), I started kciking myself for not sending you a thank you note. Actually, it was probably my mom who was kicking me (she’s been forcing me to write thank you notes since I was 5). Anyway, thanks again. And best wishes to you, Chickadee and Monkey during this holiday season. May you have a 2005 filled with health, love and happiness. Happy New Year!


  16. MetroDad

    I meant “inspired me,” not “inspited me.” sorry!

  17. Betsy

    Happy New Year to you!

    And here’s another one who might just adopt the ‘less innuendo, more raunch’ slogan – giving you full credit, of course!

  18. Anna

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sat gleefully in front of this marathon. I heart Stacy and Clinton! Woo! Happy New Year, indeed.

  19. Katie

    Happy New Year!

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