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By Mir
December 29, 2004
Category Detritus

Santa knows me so well. He put a Veruca Salt CD in my stocking that he found in the dollar bin! (Let’s not even go into my incredulity at this album being in the dollar bin, but this isn’t California, ya know.)

It’s an excellent soundtrack for washing dishes and finally cleaning up all the trash from Christmas. And the kids aren’t here to tell me to “STOP SINGING.” Ha!

Might this break me out of my current funk? Well, for 45 minutes or so, at least…. Should things become dire after that, dial 911 and send They Might Be Giants!


  1. Lee

    I so want to hear you explain the lyrics to “Seether” to your daughter. No wait, no I don’t (Yes, I know it was on their first disc – jeesh).

  2. RockStar Mommy

    Who knew you had such good taste in music? First of all, I’m so annoyed at the fact that a store would put Veruca Salt in the dollar bin. That’s just insulting.
    And second? They Might Be Giants? I think I’ve seen them live about 12 billion times. (More like 4, but whatever.)

  3. RockStar Mommy

    By the way, you should get the They Might Be Giants kid CD, NO! … Your kids might like it. Lil Miss does. But, she also likes to stare inside the dog’s ears….

  4. emily

    Hehe. I was treated to a couple of horrified looks from the back seat when we were headed out for Christmas celebrations. I was, apparently, a little too into the music for the children. I thought I sounded goooood! They disagreed.

  5. dad

    Particle man lives!
    Secure all frying pans.

  6. elswhere

    Oh, man. Your *dad* knows TMBG? he is even cooler than I thought.

    But what, Mir’s Dad, is the true meaning of Particle Man? Is Triangle Man the forces of evil? or what?

    Oh–Hi, Mir. Enjoy singing while you can! (Are there any kids who let their moms sing? I want to meet them.)

  7. Heather

    I LOVE Istanbul. It is such a grand song.

  8. alektra

    I think I was the only kid who wished their mom sang more.

    BTW – Tiny Toons, a cartoon way back, did a bunch of TMBG songs and made “videos” to go along with it. They’re definitely kid-friendly.

    Oh, and do you need some Lucious Jackson?

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