Live Free or Drive

By Mir
December 27, 2004
Category Detritus

Welcome to New Hampshah, where white stuff often falls from the sky in December. Sometimes, lots of white stuff falls from the sky very quickly and then if you happen to stay out late hanging with friends across town, you can experience the singular joy of driving home in second gear while feeling like the last living person on earth.

Unless, of course, you encounter another vehicle on the road. Should that vehicle approach you while fishtailing madly, you may experience brief concern over your own personal well-being given the other driver’s seeming inability to command the wheel in adverse weather conditions. But fear not; your annoyance will turn to incredulous giggles when you realize that the approaching idiot is, in fact, a police cruiser.

Don’t forget to phone your hosts after you get inside. “Hey, I’m laying in a ditch somewhere, because a cop ran me off the road. No, not really. I’m fine; go to bed. Thanks again.”


  1. Bakerina

    My pals at King Arthur Flour in Vermont refer to that as “car ballet.” It sounds really funny until you’re actually doing it.

    So glad you’re okay, our Mir. Is it too late to say Merry Christmas even though it’s past Boxing Day?

  2. alektra

    Did you get the car out of the ditch?

    More importantly, was the police guy cute? He could learn to drive…

    Hee hee, I know that feeling all too well from my time in Buffalo. Glad all is safe and sound and that you spent some time with friends.

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