Also seasonal, but much less festive

By Mir
December 21, 2004

I spent the day at home, trying to entertain an exhausted and still-coughing boychild. I thought the evening would be an improvement.

That was before I found myself in the bathroom scrubbing vomit from the grout, having this tender exchange with my other child:
Me: DO NOT remove your HEAD from that BUCKET. Honey.
Her: *pitiful response from inside the bucket* Mama, are you puking, too?
Me: No, honey, just gagging.
Her: *HEAVE* How come?
Me: Because… ummm… *gag* I’m an unfit mother.

Hey Dad… I’m SO SORRY about all those times you had to clean up my puke. This was a genius way to achieve payback. Let me just figure out the proper contagion incubation math… carry the one… oh yeah, that should be my head in the bucket on Christmas. Thanks!


  1. Kristie

    Oh no! I hope you don’t get sick!!!

    My youngest is looking really pale and just said something about her stomach feeling icky. I am PRAYING really hard right now that we all wait until Sunday to get sick.

  2. Rin

    aw bless her heart I will pray fast she recovers especially for the hoidays… I been there last week myself… your a good mom tho hon… I wouldn’t have gagged… I’d have hurled with her… yuk! Kudos to you and your strength!

  3. Oliquig

    Years ago, when I was 12, a nasty stomach bug ran its way through my family. It started with my mom, and just as she was feeling better my brother told her he wasn’t feeling well. She asked if he was going to throw up, and he told her he thought so. She told him to go into the bathroom just in case. A few mintutes later she heard the unmistakable sound, and congratulated herself on her forthought of having him go in the bathroom. Until she walked into the bathroom and saw him sitting on the toilet, vomiting on the floor. The floor which had tiny 1/2 inch square marble tiles with grout lines. Ick. She knows your pain.

  4. amber

    Oh man… I sympathize. My daughter had that crud over Thanksgiving, and both her father and I are sympathy pukers, but guess who was the one to run away and who was the one to stay and comfort/clean/change everything?

  5. Lizt

    Ahhh…The Christmas Barf…I know it well!


    Oh crap! I totally forgot…I’m a joiner, too.


  6. Lizt

    **wiping mouth**

    Forgot to wish the child well, soon!

  7. Ginny

    You have to get some Nature’s Miracle Pet Mess Cleanup. I love this stuff. It soaks up all the vomit so you can just scoop it up or vaccuum it up. It has a great citrus scent that totally covers up the smell, too. You may never be able to eat grapefruit again, but there are tradeoffs. I used this after my son puked up a black olive/hamburger pizza, and while it didn’t make the task pleasant, it wasn’t too bad either. Most pet stores carry it – it’s actually designed for cats and dogs and on the barf-o-meter, cat and dog puke has to be worse than kid puke any day.

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