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By Mir
December 10, 2004
Category Friends

*phone rings*
Me: Hey.
Her: Hey. How’s your day?
Me: Fine. Chickadee’s class sang at school. There were bongo drums. My head still hurts.
Her: But was it cute?
Me: Totally.
Her: Cool.
Me: I can’t get warm today.
Her: Me either. It’s gross out.
Me: Why does it seem colder when it rains in December than when it snows??
Her: That’s true. I dunno. Cuz it’s damp? Or something?
Me: We should be scientists.
Her: Yes. Except no.
Me: Fine.
Her: I was on the phone until 11:30 last night.
Me: Wow. Hey! Guess what I was doing last night!
Her: What!
Me: Not talking on the phone! No! Because my phone? Never rang!
Her: Oh. I’m sorry.
Me: Yeah, well. Maybe tonight.
Her: Maybe. I don’t know.
Me: Maybe.
Her: Men are too complicated.
Me: Yup. Also they suck. Not in the good way, most of ’em.
Her: Okay. Um. Hey! It’s cold out.
Me: Yeah, I’m freezing.
Her: So I’ll call you later.
Me: Okay.


  1. alektra

    Perhaps the gentleman is waiting a bit? Or the fact that the whole block is nosy, he’s hoping to make some space?

    Either way, it has NOTHING to do with you. And perhaps not all that much to do with him.


  2. udge

    Perhaps he is being sensitive and kind, recognising that you are a single mum and therefore have no time on the weekend because the kids are constantly underfoot?

    Don’t sweat it yet.

  3. Betsy

    Ugh. I think it’s contagious, ’cause my phone has yet to ring either.

  4. Shiz

    I hate being cold! Brrrr.

    Then I turn on the space heater and blow a fuse.

    NOW who’s the dork?

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