By Mir
December 6, 2004

In an uncertain world, in uncertain times, sometimes even the lowliest mortals are treated to a glimpse of divinity.

Tonight I saw the face of God. And it was good.


  1. Kristie

    All I see is a little white square. I must suck worse than I thought. :0(

  2. Jenn

    Oh. My. God. Does that say chocolate cheesecake?

    I might have to make a run to the store. I have a cold and no appetite and that is the only thing that has sounded good to me all day. And for that, I think I’m justified, dontcha think?

  3. Casey

    yummmmm…who knew god looked so delicious… samples and I would be a church going girl for life

  4. Cary

    Last week, I bought a pint of the Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream. I was able to ration it out over three evenings, eating it late at night so I wouldn’t have to share a bite. Some of the best chocolate ice cream EVER!

  5. Allan

    Can I get an Amen?

  6. rudolf

    Does that mean you saw God…and He said “eat me”?

    Oh I’m gonna fry for that one…

  7. The Zero Boss

    Chocolate cheesecake? That’s your idea of God? What the hell church do you attend??

  8. Michele

    Just as I feared you’ve just confirmned I live in a Godless town.

  9. somisawhel

    they have (or used to) one that was white chocolate something-or-other. almost made me drive off the road once… not eat and drive!

  10. myllissa

    Have you tried the raspberry truffle one? It is honest to GOD an orgasm in icecream form. Seriously. No, FOR REAL.

  11. Ben

    Hallelujah, sister!

  12. Amy

    Chocolate raspberry truffle. Is better than sex. Even if you’re doing it right!!

  13. ken

    Now we’re talking!

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