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By Mir
December 5, 2004

I had something I was going to blog about tonight, but I forget what it was. And my mother always told me that if it was important, I’d remember. I can’t remember so it was probably dumb. Oh, wait, I just remembered! Justice League party supplies! I bought some! And I have some questions about this Martian Manhunter guy, but maybe Monkey can answer them for me tomorrow at breakfast.

Might’ve been better if I hadn’t remembered. That was dumb.

This guy (not Martian Manhunter; the guy I mentioned in a few previous posts) is becoming harder to write off as a fluke, although I suppose he could still be psychotic and I just haven’t figured it out yet. But there has now been a second phone call, and a real-live date scheduled, and he’s still speaking to me and hasn’t yet appeared disturbing in any way. Perhaps I’m being set up for Candid Camera.

Anyway, it occurs to me that it may be time for me to shut up about him. Also time for me to consider the possibility of this turning into Something, or at least Something Other Than Blog Fodder. Although the stress from vascillating between pure denial and sheer terror at What Might Happen could spawn several (hundred) thousand words of neurotic angst, I’m sure.

But, well, there are other places my energy needs to go, right now. I need to lose 5 pounds before Wednesday, also find a way to reverse the effects of gravity. A few days isn’t enough time to develop Buns of Steel, but I’d settle for Buns of Something Other Than Jello. I should bathe in benzoyl peroxide daily between now and then so that I don’t sprout any unsightly zits. And somehow I will need to squeeze the care and feeding of the children and job hunting and all of that sort of stuff in somewhere inbetween the many hours I plan to spend standing inside my closet, wondering how I can own so many pieces of clothing and still have absolutely nothing to wear.

I’ll get back to you with the scoop on Martian Manhunter. The other puzzling man in my life will have to remain a mystery for a while longer. If I have to cope with the uncertainty of not knowing what the heck is going on here, why should you get every detail? Sheesh.


  1. alektra

    Maybe, just maybe, it’s that you have a great wit, you’re a wonderful person, and you have very pretty eyes.

    I mean! :)

    You’re fine. Just breathe. Even if it doesn’t work out, just take the ego boost as is. Guys think you’re pretty. (Cos you are.)

  2. Zuska

    I’m so far removed from the dating thing that I can offer NOTHING to that conversation. But really, you’re funny and clever and you wear size 4’s so even if your buns jiggle, they jiggle in size 4’s. The date will be great!!

    Martian Manhunter, now HIM I can help with! Bring on any questions Monkey can’t answer!!

  3. Ben

    I think that is so great! It’s about time. Wonder if they have Justice League stuff at our party store?

  4. Sheryl

    If we can be privy to the fact that J-Lo eats egg white omlettes for breakfast, we should definitely get the details on this guy. After all we’re your devoted fans, and also not above bribery. At least let us know if you had a good time–come on, throw us a bone.

  5. Jay

    Go and have fun. If, however, he begins to drool or quote Bon Jovi, run, run as fast as you can…

    : ) Blogrolled you

  6. Philip

    Hey, a date! A real, live, honest to goodness date… That sounds so cool. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the experience! And if he’s not nice to you I’m going to track him down and kick his ass.

  7. Shiz

    Yaaaaay! Date!


  8. Betsy

    I am TOTALLY jealous.

    Want. Date. For. Christmas.

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