And then I was like, OMG, and he was like…

By Mir
December 3, 2004
Category Woohoo!

Gimme a stick of that gum, wouldja? Thanks. I am totally skipping this class, it is SO. BORING. Want me to braid your hair? I can. Meet me behind the gym. You can look at my trig notes while we do it, or we could just talk about boys instead.

Boys. *sigh* Like, oh my god. You will never believe it.

So, um, he called. The guy? Who asked for my number? Actually called. We talked. For a long time. I still like him. I like him even more. He seems to still like me. I feel about thirteen. I mean, HELLO, I am an old lady with children who spent almost her entire adult life married, I have NO IDEA how one goes about dating. Except that, apparently it goes like this, sort of. And it feels… not bad. Maybe better than that. Egads.

I like it.


  1. Michele

    Oh my GOODNESS!! So very cool. Shh…secret to next person.

    Mir likes the new guy. And he likes her. *clap hands in glee*

    Pass it on.

  2. RockStar Mommy

    So like, I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that you are like totally cute when you are gushing about boys.

  3. Busy Mom

    But, does he have a blog?

  4. Karen

    Oh. my GOD. He sounds like such a FOX.


  5. Mike

    Whoohoo, this guy know that you’re passing notes about him to, ummm, all of US? That’s a lot of people’s expectations he’d better live up to! :)

  6. Gina

    *smacking gum* I just know he’ll check the “Yes” box on the “Do you like me?” note.

    Break a leg, sweetie :)

  7. Karen

    So, like, when are you two gonna go to Friendly’s for a Fribble already?

  8. rudolf

    Maybe you can sit together in the cafeteria. And then he can walk you home ;-)

  9. Summer

    The good news is that you won’t have to go to the prom this time. But starting to date someone during the holidays… that’ll take some delicate stepping. Good thing you have everyone here to consult!

    Fingers crossed. It’s fun to talk about boys (who don’t wear Buzz Lightyear Pull-Ups).

  10. ben

    I’ll ask what everyone here is thinking:

    What size slippers?

    wink wink nudge nudge

  11. vics

    LOL just wait till you get to the necking stage – you’ll feel even more like a nervous teenager then ;o>

  12. Heather

    SQUEE! (This is how I express my happiness for you, mmmkay?)

  13. Suzanne

    yeah,..but do you “LIKE him like him”? of just “like” him.
    oh my god! This is so rad!

  14. diane

    GO GIRL!! I just met a neat fella myself…for the first time in…oh, AWHILE! Must be something in the air.
    ENJOY IT, MIR! Good luck, and be sure to give us the gooey details! :)

  15. panajane

    So while you braid my hair let me ask you this: does he have a driver’s license? He could totally drive you around in his mom’s station wagon!

    I just couldn’t supress my inner 13 yr old. Good luck with the guy!

  16. Scully

    This. Is. So. Cool. Like. Totally.

    When you’ve figured out the dating game, please feel free to teach me. I haven’t done it in 15 years.

    Have fun!

  17. Fraulein N

    Squee! That’s so AWESOME! I am, like, so totally happy for you.

  18. alektra

    A. You. Are. Not old.
    B. No one gets dating. Much like dieting, it’s completely weird and is about as predictable as trying to read tea leaves.
    C. Yay for you! :)

  19. toni

    Nobody’s too old to be giddy. :)

  20. Shiz


    Your new site never remembers “my personal info”. Whine.

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