Go forth and blimpify

By Mir
November 24, 2004
Category Detritus

Okay, I’m ready now.


  1. ben

    Oh my.


    I think I need to have me a moment.

    (thank you!)

  2. rudolf

    Woohoo! You’re coming over to my place with those, right?

  3. Jenn

    Wow, those look great! I’m coming over to your house for Thanksgiving! Those make my contribution of deviled egg and glazed carrot look sad and insignificant!

  4. WT


    Anyone got a napkin?

  5. Jenny

    Yum! I got stuck with side-dish duty this year, so I am knee deep in cranberry sauce, baked spinach and roasted veggie timbale, and tomorrow morning I tackle the green bean almondine and red pepper coulis for the timbale.

    Shoulda invited you, my dear.

  6. RegularCinderella

    Mmmmm…I’ll leave the door unlocked for you. :-)

  7. Kristine

    Just ONE little bite. Pwese!!??

  8. Bakerina

    Oh, Mir, how beautiful these are. Gosh, I’m sorry that upon finishing these, you took your post-bake afterglow to my page, only to be confronted by my freezer-to-oven turkey rant. If you come back today, I promise there will be something much better waiting.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Monkey and Chickadee!

  9. Sheryl

    Fabulous! What time are we coming over?

  10. Carmi

    I’m packing on the pounds just looking at ’em. They look almost too good to eat. Almost.

  11. ann marie

    Looks yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. ken

    Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Jules

    Oh yum! I’m stuffed..but think I could make room for some of that cheese cake! :D

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. zee

    Happy Thanksgiving, MIR!

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