Only 7 more hours of Monday….

By Mir
November 22, 2004

Everyone made it through the day, more or less.

Monkey needs “some more-a dat snot-melting stuff!”

Chickadee says there is something angry in her tummy.

Both of them are laying on the couch watching Noggin.

Me? I’m wondering if I can put the kids to bed at 6. Out of concern for their health, natch. Not because I’ve been sick, myself, all day. That would be selfish. And any mother worth her salt can handle a fun-filled day with the kids on one cup of tea and three Ritz crackers. Do you think they’ll let me read them a bedtime story in the bathroom? No…?

I’m supposed to be baking dessert for Monkey’s “Thanksgiving Feast” at school tomorrow. I’m thinking of some Pink Pepto Meringues. Or perhaps nice crunchy Barf Bars.

I’m so going to hell. But as I’ve been freezing cold all day, it doesn’t sound so bad.


  1. alektra

    Gentle, gentle hugs.

  2. Heather

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks “Will they notice it’s only 6 if I put them to bed now? It is dark outside, already!”

  3. diane

    Feel better soon, Mir and family. I’ve got the headcold & pray the stomach bug bypasses me–but at least I only have me to take care of! (bless your heart to bits)

  4. JuJuBee

    LittleJuJu also had a “Thanksgiving Feast” at preschool. Are they all called that these days? I felt rather lucky getting off with just bringing in a huge carton of Goldfish(tm)crackers.

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