Have you ever…

By Mir
November 15, 2004

… kinda been a bitch to someone figuring it will make them go away, and it backfires and sort of endears you to them and then you start rethinking the whole “make them go away” thing because what’s not to like about someone who likes you even when you’re being a pain in the ass?


Oh. Me neither.

Look! Over there! Something shiny!


  1. jilbur

    Personally, I’ve found that your finest, most adorable moments were when you were being a gigundous pain in the ass. JMO, though. I’m sure you’re occasionally tolerable when you are being civil. I mean, at least I’ll take it on faith. I’ll let you know if I ever get a chance to witness it.

  2. Shiz

    I SO haven’t, either.

  3. Genuine

    You are endeared to me now?

  4. Michelle

    Yup- endeared me so much to him that he married me. At least he knew going in what I was really like.. ;-)

  5. Janet


  6. Jules

    Hey….that’s how some of your very best friends come to be ;)

  7. Fraulein N

    I don’t know if I rethink the whole “make them go away” plan. It’s more like I just give up, because I’m lazy like that.

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