Um. Yeah.

By Mir
October 21, 2004


So, either everybody died or my last post was my most boring yet. Okay.

The school meeting went well. The ex had the good sense to not say much, other than to agree with things I’d already said. So that went well, at least. I’m not sure we have any concrete answers, but at least we’ve set the stage for improvement and if it doesn’t arrive, it will be easier to enact change (I think).

I know some folks took issue with the vitriol in prior posts, so let me clarify something. My hackles go up when I feel my kid isn’t getting the best. I fully understand that her teacher is a person–most likely a wonderful person–and further am quite cognizant than any problems to this point are likely the result of oversight or incompatibility, maybe not even laziness, and certainly not malice. I get it; I do. In today’s meeting the teacher spoke very kindly of Chickadee and I do believe her when she says she adores my daughter.

That may or may not make her the right teacher for my child. That remains to be seen. But no; I did not rip her a new one or otherwise behave inappropriately. I vented here, then I went there and smiled and spoke in unthreatening “I” statements and all that good stuff. I’m very good at playing grown-up when I need to.

Not the point of the meeting, but: my 6-year-old has been “informally assessed” as reading at a 4th-grade level. It’s nice to hear at least they’re not going to argue with me about her being advanced….


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