By Mir
October 15, 2004

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for indulging the release of my inner Mama Lion yesterday. I received so many supportive comments as well as the rushing in of my beloved contingent of cyber-soulmates to check on me. I am so grateful to have so many compassionate friends in my life.

This morning was hard. Chickadee was up early. She came down the hall to cuddle with me, then retreated to her room with a book. Rather than lash out upon the intrusion of Bouncy Little Brother, when I peeked in after some giggling I found she’d tucked him into her bed with her favorite stuffies and was reading him a story of his choosing. All was bliss until I announced it was time to get ready for school… and then yesterday swooped down in on her and the peace shattered. She was tired, her stomach hurt, her back itched, she didn’t want to go.

We huddled up; we talked about what it means to do her best in class (listen, be polite, follow directions); we talked about how sometimes, maybe, her teacher might be wrong, and how we will deal with that (she will continue to behave, and strive to use her words appropriately, but also come to us for feedback/help). I let her know that I am her champion no matter what, and I expect that she will continue to do her best while we work out the lumps. She gets it.

She’s brave, my girl. Woe unto the person who tries to squelch that out of her.


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