Fringe benefits

By Mir
October 13, 2004
Category Friends

I have a confession to make. I blog for the goodies.

Sure, it didn’t start out that way. But since I started blogging? People have sent me all kinds of things, for no reason other than that I have been on their blogs at the right times or answered some silly question or entered a contest. I love to win things. And I love to get free stuff. And the LOVE, people! I’m feeeeeeeling the LOVE!

Nothing says love like free stuff. That’s a fact.

I’m sorry… I’m just a little verklempt… hang on… I’m okay….

Just look at what I got in the mail today! For no reason!! I ask you: what is better than chocolate? Why, chocolate you’re not expecting! From Harry and David! Just because! When Sheryl offered to send me something for being her bazillionth (I think) commenter, I figured it would be a “little something.” I did not figure on a box of macadamia shortbread chocolate-covered hearts. Hearts! They are almost too beautiful to eat! But not quite, because it would be against the laws of nature for anything involving chocolate to be too gorgeous to eat. So eat I have, and they are delicious. And I love Sheryl and her generosity so very much, that you must all now go to her site and share the love, because I am not sharing these delicious treats with any of you because they are MINE.

Uh, I mean, if you were here, of course, I would willingly share, but, oh well, you’re not, so, um, sorry about that. But I will think of you while I’m eating them. Honest.

And it was with great compassion and a touch of sadness that I answered the children’s inquiry about my package with, “OH WELL, these have NUTS in them and that means they are POISONOUS and you can’t have ANY. Darn!”

Because I’m sensitive, that way.

Woulda Coulda Shoulda: second-guessing my every move, and digging the freebies. Now with even more gluttony!


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