Sins of the Mir

By Mir
September 29, 2004
Category Detritus

I am still chuckling after reading Jay‘s confessions for the week. He has invited fellow bloggers to step up to the confessional as well, so here goes.

I have recently sinned, both in action and in my heart. This past week alone, I:

  • Told Chickadee the atomic fireballs are all gone. They aren’t; they are in my nightstand drawer and I have been eating them steadily while watching TV before I go to bed.
  • Avoided several friends when they called and told them later that I was out, hoping that they would then believe I truly am busy and not sitting around wallowing.
  • Scanned multiple items at Target and when I decided I didn’t want them, left them by the scanner instead of putting them back.
  • Told my son that if he woke me up again I was going to take his blanket away and possibly make him sleep outside.
  • Forgot to tell my mother that I received that package she sent. (Hey Mom! Got it! Thank you!)
  • Thought of a kick-ass invention idea for the Invention Convention and am trying to figure out how to get Chickadee to think it’s her idea and develop it without me actually telling her, because that would be wrong. (Okay, I’m not sure I’m sorry about this one, if I can really manage some sort of subliminal suggestion scheme that works.)
  • Received neighbors’ mail in my mailbox, decided it didn’t look important, and threw it away rather than walk back outside and either deliver it or leave it for the postlady.
  • Fantasized about my Culligan man delivering more than soda ash.

Like Jay, I’ll take suggestions on my proper penance.


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