Where will you be six weeks from today?

By Mir
September 21, 2004
Category Detritus

You’d better be at the polls, my friends. (If you’d like to skip that, the only acceptable alternative is giving me large sums of money, you know.)

Just a friendly little Public Service Announcement, courtesy of my favorite civic-minded hussy:

The U.S. presidential election is EXACTLY six weeks from today. Are you registered to vote yet? If not, then why not?

FOUR sites to get you to register to vote, and to get your friends to register, too:

Just Vote.

Federal Election Commission.

Rock the Vote.

Declare Yourself – Register to Vote. They’re trying to get 1 million signatures, and so far are only at the halfway mark.

Please register, and tell your friends to register. No matter what your party affiliation, it all means nothing without the participation of our citizens.

Register today.

And then VOTE.

(And then, you know, if you still wanna give me money, that’s cool, too.)


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