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By Mir
September 21, 2004

Perhaps I’ll just theme today “Perplexing Conversations I Have With My Offspring.”

Me: So how was school today?
Her: Undefectable.
Me: What?
Her: Undefectable.
Me: C’mon, honey. What did you do today?
Her: Un. De. Fect. Able!
Me: Ummmm. Okay. What do you think that word means?
Her: That it’s not, y’know, affected by, um, stuff.
Me: And how is that at all relevant to your day at school?
Her: It just is.
Me: Uh huh.

At this point, I started thinking maybe she’s smarter than I’m giving her credit for. Maybe she’s getting at something that is simply beyond my ken, rather than being silly. I will just let the matter drop, and ponder my daughter’s gifted and quirky nature.

Her: Mama?
Me: Yes, honey?
Her: Can I eat my lunch? I’m hungry.
Me: Didn’t you eat your lunch at lunchtime?
Her: Nope, I didn’t have time.
Me: You didn’t have time? Why not?
Her: I was busy.
Me: Busy with what?
Her: I was pooping!

Sometimes? It just does not pay to ask.


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