Why do fools… mop the floor?

By Mir
September 10, 2004

Chickadee will be getting off the bus in about ten minutes. Last week, she stayed to play with the neighbors for an hour one day after school. So of course we have to reciprocate. I invited the girls to come here, today.

Have I mentioned that these neighbors have twin 7-year-olds and an 8-year-old? All girls. So they are all coming here this afternoon. And Monkey makes five! Five children in my house. Four girls ganging up on my little boy, most likely. I can hardly wait.

And because I’m just not very smart, I cleaned the house. Because I don’t want the neighbor to think I’m a slob. But even as I mopped the floor this afternoon, I said to myself (“Self,” I said…) why am I cleaning when I’m about to have a swarm of small children descend upon the premises?

If I were a wee bit smarter, I would’ve waited until after the neighbor girls left and my kids go off with Fun Daddy for the weekend. Now the house is going to be an even bigger mess than it was before I cleaned it, and I won’t have any energy to do anything about it.

Woe is my foolish self.


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