The price of health

By Mir
September 9, 2004

Meet my new boyfriend. Isn’t he dreamy? I just love a man in tights, with a really oversized square chin, and a life-size tube of eczema ointment. Oh yeah, baby. I’ve just been over at the Elidel website and have learned that I am oh-so-wrong, it is not Elidel, it is ELIDEL, because ELIDEL MAN is flying in to save the day, and non-steroidal ELIDEL is so impressive, you must say ELIDEL in all caps at all times! Otherwise, ELIDEL MAN stops doing that thumbs-up thing and kills you in your sleep.

Anyway, I went to the Target pharmacy today armed with two prescriptions. Then I did a quick inventory of all the little samples of ELIDEL the doctor had given me (five small tubes) and decided I could wait to fill that one. I would just fill the mystery ointment presciption for now. No problem. I dropped off the script and went to browse around, and came back to discover that my 5-day supply of mystery ointment would cost–after insurance–$35.

Um, for $7/day that ointment had better cure the issues for which it was prescribed as well as remove cellulite and make my hair shinier, dontcha think? Hmph.

Needless to say, I was so bummed about this unexpected expense, that I had to make several other purchases to justify my bill. To wit: $35 for a medication when normally my copay is only $10? Let’s see. These two pillows are normally $20 each, but are on clearance for $5 apiece. If I buy them, I have effectively saved $30, so that balances out the excess cost at the pharmacy.

Yeah, I know. It made sense when I was standing there. And they are really nice pillows.

All of which brings me back to my new boyfriend. Given the outrageous cost of most pharmacueticals, the newer and shinier ones–such as new non-steroidal ELIDEL–often have money-saving offers on their websites. So I went over there looking for a coupon (which I found, yay) and found my Prince Charming. He says he doesn’t care if I have a job. He says I’m beautiful in spite of this itchy crud under my nose, and promises that he can make the itching and redness go away. He says the fact that I’m taking charge of my skin treatment needs is sexy.

I just hope ELIDEL MAN will be paying when I go in to fill the prescription.


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