Why I love therapy

By Mir
September 2, 2004

Me: Blahbity blah blah summer blah blah surgery blah blah hormones blah blah medication blah blah anxiety blah blah I probably should’ve come in sooner.

Therapist: *nodding* *listening intently* Thank goodness you’re feeling better.

Me: Yeah but blahbity blah blah lonely blah blah stupid ex blah blah cattle call job interviews blah blah Russian child bride!

Therapist: *makes snarky comment about the ex*

Me: *snorting into my coffee* I love you. In a non-lesbian, non-stalking, completely appropriate doctor/patient kind of way, of course.

Therapist: *laughs*

Me: Anyway, blahbity blah blah medication blah blah wait and see blah blah lonely lonely blah blah must find a job blah blah oh guess what, I’m a moron and sent email to The Toad when I was feeling really low blah blah still lonely blah blah hate men yet want one blah blah I’m a MORON.

Therapist: Cut yourself some slack. You’ve had a hard year. What you’re feeling is completely normal.

Me: Oh. *pause* Yeah, I think you’re right.

Therapist: See you next week.

Me: Okay!


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