Girls’ Days

By Mir
August 30, 2004

Monkey started school today. Chickadee doesn’t start until Wednesday. Last year, Monkey went to school only three days a week, so twice a week we had some alone time while Chickadee was at school, and she complained bitterly about not getting the same. So today and tomorrow? Estrogen Central, baybee!

We took Monkey and all of his assorted gear to school, got him settled in (“You can leave now, Mama, cuz I’m gonna be pretty busy playing here”), and then went to Chickadee’s old room to visit with her teachers from last year. There was much hugging. I love her old teachers so much; I kind of want to grab them all, shrink them down, and put them in my purse for safe-keeping. Then it was back up to the front desk to puzzle out payment schedules and such. There is an advantage to having been a patron of the same school for four years; when I explained that Chickadee would be coming to aftercare but I wasn’t sure how many days, or when, and that it was all dependent on finding a job, the director just waved her hand in the air and said “we’ll only charge you for when she’s here, don’t sweat it.” That was a huge relief. (I am already having panic attacks over Monkey’s tuition given that I’m still unemployed.)

It turns out that Chickadee will be headed to her old school for aftercare on her very first day of school. That wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon. (This is your cue to cross your fingers, legs, toes, and eyes.) But today’s visit got her totally jazzed about her return on Wednesday, and in a rare stroke of luck, her regular bus is the one that goes to the old school, so the change to her routine will be minimal. Phew.

Then it was time to start our day of girlitude! First stop: Dunkin Donuts, because that’s how all great outings start in our family. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at this fine dining establishment, with me savoring my coffee and Chickadee managing to yammer non-stop inbetween slurping juice and demolishing a sprinkle-covered donut. Nothing but the best for my children. “This isn’t a very healthy breakfast,” she noted at one point.

“Nope,” I agreed. “But once in a while it’s okay.”

“Right! Cuz today is a girls’ day!”

And you just can’t have a girls’ day without some chocolate and sugar, right?

I’m finishing up a few chores inside, here, and next I’m off to find my wrenches. One of my biggest regrets about this summer is that we never did get in enough bike practice to get Chickadee riding without her training wheels. I’d promised her, back in June, that she’d be riding on two wheels by September. We’ve got two days for me to keep my word. If it doesn’t work out, well, I guess we’ll go get some more donuts….


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