What I know, and what I wonder

By Mir
August 26, 2004
Category Detritus

I now know that the number of consecutive Atomic Fireballs I can consume before my mouth goes completely numb is six. I’m not sure I really needed to know this, but I wondered, and decided to figure it out. And I did. Yay me. No one can say that I didn’t do anything productive this afternoon.

I very much wonder what goes through the mind of people at the supermarket who unload their carts and just leave them there. Can anyone explain it to me? I’m not talking about carts abandoned at the Outer Siberia end of the parking lot or carts left rolling around in a whipping thunderstorm or anything. I’m talking about carts left on a gorgeous, perfect 75-degree day less than 10 feet from the carriage corral. WTF? Are they in full-body casts, unable to go the extra few steps? Were they abducted by aliens moments after placing their fridge packs of Pepsi in the trunk? Are they fugitives from justice and spotted a cruiser? There must be an explanation other than the ol’ “some people are stupid to live” thing.


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