Purplexed! Purplexed!!

By Mir
August 18, 2004
Category Friends

No, I have not forgotten how to spell. I am purplexed!

As in, I am truly, madly, and very deeply in love with the rockalicious Kira, who not only sent me an entire package of goodies for my birthday but included the surest way to my heart: nailpolish! For my toes! Called “purplexed” which is a delightful play on words because it is purple! It is nailpolish geek nirvana, I tell you.

And as soon as I paint my toenails with it (which is happening any moment now, because I have priorities) I am going to tell everyone I run into that I am feeling so very purplexed and then I will titter merrily to myself while they dart away from me, frightened.

Kira, will you marry me? We can register at Target, although I’m looking through the registry choices and I don’t see the one gift we both need listed, anywhere. Hrm.

Anyway. Back to the package! In addition to being purplexed I can also be relaxed, because there’s a whole kit of yummy relaxing Bath and Body stuff. I can relax in the tub while eating the world’s most sinful molasses cookies that Kira baked her own damn self! They are so good that you are hating me just a little, right now, because I have some and you don’t. Also? Homemade jam. Homemade raspberry jam. Which I am totally planning to drip on my purplexed toes as I drool over my toast tomorrow morning.

It was all wrapped up all girly-like with pretty ribbons and doo-dads and pretty things and then packed in paper and then? Topped with plastic bugs. For the kids. Kira and I are soul-mates. You have no idea how much I wish she lived closer. (Or how much I wish she had a penis. Life is cruel this way, sometimes.)

I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. And purplexed! Teehee!


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