By Mir
August 14, 2004

I’m feeling so touched, and so honored, and so popular. *sniffle*

I’ve had my first troll!

This is a sign that I am now a blogging great, right? Once you start engendering mindless hate, it’s time to declare oneself successful…? Where should I deliver my humble speech about how I’d never imagined this much attention would come my way, and I’d like to thank all the little people?

The place is all tidied up, now, but in fairness I did want to address this comment, as the commenter clearly worked very hard on it.

In my Procreation Police entry, this genius commented that sterilizing stupid people was a great idea, and I should start with myself. Upon reading this I of course wept, wailed, gnashed my teeth, and grieved deeply that a gentleman of such obvious brilliance had found me lacking. I then made immediate arrangements to sell my children to the highest bidders, so convinced was I that these many misguided years I’ve only been doing them a grave disservice. I will use the money from the transaction to buy more marshmallows for the Easter Bunny, as he comes to tea here quite regularly.


Oh, sorry, where was I? Oh yes.

Dear Average Joe, thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful opinion with me. Your wisdom has been taken under advisement and I have decided the only proper course of action is to heed your suggestion and have a total hysterectomy. Immediately. Or better yet, two months ago. After which, I will write about it on my blog so often that everyone who visits will be up-to-date on my entire medical history within five minutes of reading. Everyone, that is, except for cretins who have the time to type out predictable sophomoric insults but do not have the balls to leave their real contact information. Feel free to drop by my blog any time you feel like sticking your foot back in your mouth, and please accept my condolences that your parents didn’t love you enough to buy you a bike helmet.


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