I’m such a rebel

By Mir
August 13, 2004

Things I can do on a Friday night when my kids aren’t here:

  • Consume my body weight in pepperoni pizza.
  • Take off my pants and throw them in the washer (when I drip sauce on them).
  • Walk around pantsless for the rest of the evening.
  • Turn my music up loud enough to make the china rattle a little.
  • Watch anything I want to on TV.
  • Shout at the Olympic commentators to STFU already and show something interesting.
  • Ignore the laundry.
  • Crank up the air conditioning.
  • Admire how clean the kids’ rooms are.
  • Eat sweet potato pie. Straight from the pie plate. In bed.
  • Stay up as late as I like and know that no matter what, I can still sleep 8 (okay, 10) hours.


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