Be afraid… very, very afraid

By Mir
August 8, 2004
Category Detritus

After church today, the kids and I are taking a road trip to meet up with the Jilbur family, who are on vacation not too far from here.

I have long thought that it was potentially dangerous for Jilbur and I to be allowed to gab freely for a few hours. During more than one IM conversation she has caused me to pee a little, you know. But I was ignoring the real danger.

“Mama! Mama! She’s six like me, right Mama? Does she like ponies? Will she want to dig in the sand and make mud castles? Do you think she has a Tinkerbell bathing suit like mine? Does she like blueberries? How many teeth has she lost?”

Chickadee + Jellybean? Stand back. I suspect we’re in for a wild ride this afternoon.

Tales–and if you ask very nicely, pictures–to follow afterwards.


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